NaPoWriMo Day 22: I Really Want A Puppy!

Our prompt today was to write a children’s poem.

I Really Want A Puppy!

All my friends have puppies.
I told my parents that.
(Except for Susie Kramer
who makes do with a cat.)

Our station wagon’s roomy.
A puppy would fit in.
He’d sit at our back window
to see where we have been.

I’d share my whole life with him–
even things I’d do alone.
My pup could smell my pants cuffs
and know everything I’d done.

He’d walk beside me calmly
when we would go for walks
or run ahead and check the road
for rattlesnakes and hawks.

A puppy could be company.
A puppy would be fun.
I know he could protect us
from a burglar with gun.

He’d watch my baby sister
while I go off to school,
but he’d still be my puppy.
That would be the rule!

He’d run with me, play tug rope
and fetch a ball—such fun.
Then sleep upon my pillow
when the day is done.

I really want a puppy.
I need one and can’t wait.
He’ll bark when I get home from school
and meet me at the gate.

When I miss my school bus
and walk home in the rain,
my pup would lick my face dry,
then lick it wet again.

Dad took me to a pet store
to see what puppies cost.
There were so many cages
that he and I got lost.

We saw big dogs and small ones
and hairy dogs and bare.
He asked which one I liked the best.
I said I didn’t care.

“Any dog will do, Dad,
I love them all,” I said,
“Can we just get one? Please, Dad?”
but he just shook his head.

We came home empty-handed
with no dog cuddled there.
Without my mom’s permission,
I knew Dad didn’t dare.

I’ve saved up my allowance
in a Snapple jar,
but Mom says eighty-seven cents
won’t go very far.

Dad promised me a puppy.
Mom said we’d wait and see.
But I know where to find one
that we can get for free!

My dad and I go to the store
to buy me some new sox.
It’s right there on the curbside—
three puppies in a box!

I pick up the curly one
and dad picks up his brother.
The one that’s left begins to cry,
so I pick up another.

Those puppies lick my face wet.
Then lick it dry again.
The other’s licking Dad, whose face
is side-to-side big grin.

He never had a puppy
when he was growing up.
I feel so sorry for him.
It’s my dad who needs a pup!!!

When we get home, Mom asks about
the hours we’ve been away,
but she is only teasing ‘cause
she knows that we won’t say.

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow
and she knows that we were looking
for flowers or for perfume
or some gadget for her cooking.

Next morning when we all wake up,
she sees the package there;
and she rips right into it
in her robe, with messy hair.

She gives a moan of pleasure
when she sees what is inside.
A soft new robe of fuzzy stuff
with pockets on each side.

She rips her sad old robe off,
modeling her new robe for us.
“It’s just the robe I wanted!
You guys get an A plus–

in gift shopping,” she tells us
and does a little dance;
and when she does, her eyes
look down and give a little glance

at what is still within the box,
in paper nestled there
beneath where her new robe had been—
three little balls of hair.

“Three puppies?” she throws up her hands
and glares at dad and me.
“Three puppies to devour our sox,
chew furniture and pee

upon the rugs? To take for walks
and buy shots for, and food?
For Mother’s Day my mom was surely
in a bad bad mood.

One puppy, then, jumped over
the side of that big box,
and ran right over to me
and tugged at my new sox.

Another one jumped out as well
and grabbed my Dad’s jean cuff.
He picked it up and burrowed into
that dog’s furry ruff.

The third just whined, for it was left
lonely once again.
My mom leaned down, the pup reached up
and licked her on the chin.

My mom’s not mean, just careful,
so she murmured, “What the heck!”
and put its little furry head
right up against her neck.

That puppy burrowed into
Mom’s messy morning hair
and quickly fell asleep again
while it was nestled there.

And that is a true story
of how we came to share
our house with three new puppies
who are still living there.

My curly one is Rosco.
My dad calls his dog Coors.
The third one’s still without a name.
My mom just calls it hers!!

5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 22: I Really Want A Puppy!

  1. grieflessons Post author

    I made the mistake of reading the Latin American poets and now my poems run on as long as their lines do! I am presently getting 4 children’s books illustrated and ready to publish. Perhaps this will be the 5th. Thanks, NaPoWriMo. If you haven’t read I think you would enjoy her NaPoWriMo poems–and others as well.



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