Anger (Anagram Poem)

With my Open Studio to set up today, I don’t have time to wait for the Daily prompt, so instead I’m using a prompt suggested by Sam Rappaz. The Prompt: ‘Anagram poem‘. These poems are adopted from the word games that we find in newspapers. The rules are: End words must be derived from four or more letters in the title. Words which acquire four letters by the addition of “s” are not used. Only one form of a verb is used. (Thanks, Sam Rappaz. You can see her Anagram poem here.)

Just for the fun of it, I’m going to try to use the words Anagram Poem for the challenge, but instead of using those words as the title of my poem, I’m using a word derived from them:


All through our lives it lingers near.
It hovers close over her infant’s pram,
where his mother’s soothing words manage
to calm his cries of distressed rage.
Yet what he sows is left to her to reap.
His distress squelched may turn in her to anger
as at midnight, with the seventh remop
of the day, the angst supressed all day is allowed to range
unfettered, growing from a silent pang
to a depression best escaped from with a rope.

Who imagined this, that wild night after prom
when he first held her breast, a glowing pear,
and she, at last, met his questing grope
not with a “No” expressed clean off the page
of the pamphlet given by her gram;
but rather by a passion that rang,
on that one night, truer with every groan.
His muscled back, her throat, her golden mane.
Her naked thigh pressed to the gear.
For once, her lover given no cause to mope.

And for a day, a week, a month, that golden night remained a poem.
Until the time-worn ending added one stanza more.
Telling her grandma and her gramp.
That long journey up the nuptial ramp.
That fast trip from teenager to ma’am.
With lightning speed, from car seat to manger
and the clock watched, and his absence, and this overpowering midnight rage.


21 thoughts on “Anger (Anagram Poem)

  1. Sam Rappaz

    Superb Judy! I would have never thought that a narrative would have been possible with an Anagram Poem but then it helps to have two words to play with. You have now opened new possibilities for me. I was being too obedient. 🙂 I knew to expect something amazing and you did not disappoint. Thank you for choosing the challenge and I hope to try your scheme some time soon. Bests, Sam.

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      1. Sam Rappaz

        Oh yes! I see it now. I was too busy linking your post as an update on mine to see the pingback. It’s working. Thank you so much and I hope folks who happen to read me first come by your way as well.

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          I think it wasn’t working when you first read the poem as you read it the minute I posted. There were also a couple of spelling errors you got to witness, now also corrected. I think it is good to have pingbacks on both of our blogs…The more the merrier. Now just where does your back need scratching? Judy

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    Powerful! Loved the tension and the pace. I still remember the first time I was called “ma’am” when I was in the line getting my groceries checked out, and I was horrified at the sound. I was way too young, in my 20’s. Who on Earth did she mistake me for, a dowager?

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  5. Anton Wills-Eve

    Judy, hoe you’ll forgive the liberty, but I love versifying to rules which dictate aspects of the poem. So just for you I offer this acrostic in which the title is your name and of course each line begins with the next letter in it. The subjct matter is in praise of your work. cheers. Anton.

    Judy, your collection of poems and verse
    Utterly enchanting in all types of rhyme
    Devoted to singing of topics diverse
    You’ve seen them rise as upwards they climb.
    Destined for the very highest literary hights
    Yet firmly rooted in our own colourful world
    Kind, serious, humerous, sweetest of delights
    Sensuous at times the tales they unfurled
    To answer our passions’ most natural call,
    Resounding is each peal rung out with joy
    Awesome, pleasing, soft to each and to all.
    Beauty of phrasing is their outstanding ploy!
    Rousing, uplifting our minds and our hearts,
    Orations to soften and to gladden our ears,
    When all our days and our lifetime departs
    Never will your words disappear with the years.

    Anton Wills-Eve

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Wow, Anton. What a lovely and generous tribute. I am so honored by it and find it is hard to choose words, for once, in expressing my thanks…What a lovely expression to fall asleep to. My heartfelt thanks to you. Judy

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      1. Anton Wills-Eve

        Thanks for your concern,Judy, but the prognosis is not suggesting the world will be robbed of my genius just yet 🙂 Believe it or not it is a form of pelvic and bone cancer dating back to breaking my spine in a helicopter crash in Cambodia in 1971.Just took a long time to deteriorate in this way. Actually blogging is a great way to pass the time in and out of hospital as I’ve been a journalist all my life. Anton

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Well thanks for letting me know as that was an impossible question to ask, but I’m sure the discomfort and pain is testing all of your resolve and some of your beliefs. It is easy to spout truths until you are confronted with the test of them. Brave man. Blogging is a great way to meet the world on our own terms in our own time. Stay strong. A banged up knee is no test at all in comparison. Judy


  6. Anton Wills-Eve

    the testing bit is VERY true.oddly while faith is shaken quite a bit and poor old charity takes a back seat what always seems to sustain me in face of all the nasty possibles, especially when saying my moning and night prayers, is hope. I always put all the tust I can find into meaning what I’m saying and I just know somone is listening to me.I am also very aware of how lucky I am because it doesn’t happen to a lot of people. Hope your knee is responding to the rum and coke therapy.I use Campari and soda myself 🙂 cheers. Anton



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