One Word Photo Challenge, Eigengrau

DSC08967DSCF1981 - Version 9

DSC09994 - Version 2

Diego is really having his 15 minutes (more like a week) of fame! This is the sixth photo of him I’ve published this week, but I promise they are all different.  It just meets this prompt so well that I had to use it. Since I have no kids to show you, guess you have to put up with my dogs!!! This is the last one for awhile. Promise. Well, actually, there will be one more in the Closeup post.In truth, it will be a rerendering and closeup of this photo.

Eigengrau is the darkest color you can actually see in the dark–a very dark gray.  Yes, I’d never heard of it, either.  Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells for teaching me a new word!!  Now, please teach me how to remember it!

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