To Reach for is Not To Reach

Version 2


When fate makes a fissure, we’ve three ways to go.
One is acceptance, another is woe.
But the third is to shatter the old status quo
by using the break as a window to show
a new direction where we may go
to learn what before we had no way to know.
What makes a man’s life is what’s beyond his reach.
Why stop at a wall when you could make a breach?
What today is impossible may be the goal
for a man with a chisel who carves out a hole.


11 thoughts on “To Reach for is Not To Reach

  1. hirundine608

    You have started to teach, us, about this small breach. How we may overcome and turn it into a peach. One lesson for the acceptance, another for your woe, then as you fill in that hole another for the chisel that makes it all go. Taking up tools, that may fill in the breach. Or enlarge to reach the stars you entreat. Making a choice, is often a treat? A luxurious choice of direction we meet. One filled, one open, or one in between. The end result is quite unseen. A wondrous crack that shivers obscene. Or one that is pliant and engaged, as we waver and careen. Between open closed, or perhaps between. Those are our choice in life, it may seem?

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