Queen of Clean


Queen of Clean

Squeaky clean, squeaky clean—
no errant coffee ground nor bean
mars my kitchen’s pure hygiene.
My kitchen floor is so pristine,
of cleanliness, I am the queen.
But if you catch it in between
those days the cleaning girl has been
working her magic on the scene,
I do not brag.  I do not preen.
I fear my house has lost its sheen.
I blame it on the dog, who’s keen
on dragging sand home from the beach
and brooms and dust rags I can’t reach.
So to you who daily teach
rules in fastidiousness, then preach
that cleanliness is right there next
to godliness, I’m clearly hexed.
Except for that one day a week
when I, too, am a cleanliness freak.


12 thoughts on “Queen of Clean

  1. Mary Francis McNinch

    No one likes for me to clean, because I become so mean. If a crumb drops I have fits and catch it before it hits the floor. That lasts and minute no more..then I’m over it. It’s kind of like getting that first scratch in your car. Once you get used to it, the next one is no big deal.

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