Shifting Fortune


Shifting Fortune

Once we’re accustomed to being kissed,
life forms itself into a fist.

All things don’t go as they should.
There is no perfect neighborhood.

Fate twists and wiggles, turns upon us.
What seems good fortune just might con us.

The only thing that really controls us
is how we deal with what life doles us.

When days turn into what you hate,
do not sit and equivocate.

Do not make life one long debate.
Do not turn martyr.  Do not hate.

When others bluster and incite,
do not join their fruitless fight.

When misinformation’s at its height,
take a deep breath and choose insight.

It’s true some have more luck than others—
have more beauty, more faithful brothers.

The power you have is how you’re driven
to make use of what you’re given.

Be they tragedies or fortunes,
deal uniquely with what life apportions.


The word for the day way fortune!

6 thoughts on “Shifting Fortune

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Fortune. We just watched (because it was St. Patrick’s Day) “The Quiet Man” and she referred to the money that came with her when she married as “her fortune.” I think of it as the lines on my hand and maybe in my astrological chart or maybe Karma. It is so many things. Maybe it is all of that and something else, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ron.

    Your skill with couplets is very clear
    I’m glad I stopped to read them here

    I’ll stop to read again sometime
    I always like a nice, tight rhyme

    So keep them coming (oh, please do!)
    I’m now the newest fan of you!

    Liked by 1 person


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