Witches’ Brew (96 words)


Witches’ Brew

Stir the cauldron, stir it well
until its contents start to jell.
Don’t have a look or you will shiver
over gnat eyes, bat wings, liver.

A witch’s curse and zombie’s howl
season this concoction foul.
Want to have a little sip?
Bring close your tongue. Thrust out your lip

toward this putrid, icky treasure.
Here’s a spoonful for your pleasure.
Now that you’ve had a little dose,
don’t look so startled and morose.

Such behavior’s never seen
in witches’ houses on Halloween.
Put away your groans and pouts.
It’s not as bad as brussels sprouts!!!


29 thoughts on “Witches’ Brew (96 words)

      1. slmret

        Halloween has not been a happy celebration for me — I hated it as a kid, and as an adult I make an attempt either to be with other people or doing away-from-home activities such as going to a movie, etc.


      2. slmret

        Would you believe I don’t even know yet what’s showing. I may just go out to supper and come home to read in my living room, where lights can’t be seen from outdoors.


      3. slmret

        The first year I was alone, in the mid-60’s, I saw Sydney Poitier’s A Patch of Blue, a low-budget movie on racial attitudes. Even then, I sat in the car and sobbed before I could drive home!


    1. slmret

      It was a combination of things — the movie itself, in which the judge made a decision he didn’t like, banged down the gavel, and left the room, all in one motion; my own recently completed divorce, and the oddness at the time of being alone; Halloween itself — all combined to intensify the movie and its message.


    2. slmret

      Good heavens — no need for apology! That was just one of my Halloween stories, and the others are no better — one Halloween in Hawaii I had gone home from work. I was spending the evening with a co-worker — I was to pick her up after work and go to her house. When I was ready to leave my home, I found a termination letter under my apartment door (that’s another story in itself). That story became known among my colleagues as the “Halloween Massacre!” There seems to be something about Halloween ~ ~ ~ It’s the only day of the year that I don’t like to be alone, but I’ve learned to hide pretty successfully, and can deal with it that way! 🙂


  1. slmret

    Hmmm — a margarita sounds good this evening! I seem to be in a story-telling mood these days — people have told me I should write a book of all my memories like those above!



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