East Meets West

East Meets West

I’m fueled by fire yet pulled by the moon.
Everything used up too soon, oh too soon.
I’m a pig by my nature. I want it all.
I love my home, yet hear the world’s call.
Adventure and travel I had in full measure,
but now it’s my home that affords me my pleasure.
Nesting, then flying patterns my past.
Change chasing change in the past was a blast.
But now I prefer for the nesting to last.
As a crab in my shell, my future is cast.

Born a fire pig according to the Chinese calendar, western astrology brands me as a water sign—moonchild—crab. In the last quarter of my life, I would say that water has quenched fire, but of course all of these elements reside within us always. I just now find more sedate ways to express them.

For dVerse Poets.

29 thoughts on “East Meets West

  1. robtkistner

    This is excellent and I am right there with you Judy. Home is where the legs finally give out and the ass gets too hard to lift. Sorry for the crudeness. Really enjoyed this write… 🙂

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  2. Glenn Buttkus

    Yup, I am right there now too–Home is where the balance dissipated, health ran down like an unwound watch, and sojourns are the stuff of dreams.

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      1. slmret

        In the last year, I’ve made so many BIG decisions that one more is difficult! With an 80th birthday in 2020, though, I may well decide to do a big trip next year. Meantime, I seem to be quite content staying close to home, with a few trips to Santa Barbara to satisfy my wanderlust.


  3. Gospel Isosceles

    I can relate to this line most,
    “Change chasing change in the past was a blast.”
    Now in a transition in life, I am made anxious by yesterday what fueled my growth. Those speeding changes are not so desirable, youth not so coveted.

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  4. Beverly Crawford

    I loved your write, and your title amused me. West almost met East for me in a Holiday Inn in Chicago when they booked me into a room already occupied by a Japanese businessman. Fortunately he was out for the evening and the only evidence the room was occupied was his tidy little briefcase, set precisely in the center of the wall by the bed!. Thank heaven they moved me to another room and he never knew what a revelation his night might have been!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hahah! Your story prompted memories of a visit my mother made to me when I was living in Australia. My folks, sister and I had checked into a motel room and me mom went to the car to get something. When she came back to our room, she wondered where we’d all gone, but she noticed that we’d bought snacks that were all in bowls on a table in the middle of the room. She was standing there, munching from the bowls when she suddenly noticed that the luggage in the room didn”t look familiar. She left the room and saw us standing outside another room–which was ours. Then she realized she’d gone into the wrong room. A few minutes later, we saw 4 Japanese businessmen enter the room–obviously there for a meeting. My mother got hysterical thinking what they would have thought if they’d come in and found her scarfing down their food!!



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