10 thoughts on “Dr Seuss: Guess What? You’re a Socialist

  1. eschudel

    Everyone wants these things for themselves, but if someone else wants them, then those someone else’s are the ‘socialists”. It’s a wacky world, says this person who is both a socialist and a feminist (another one of “those” words)…

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  2. Christine Goodnough

    I was thinking the same as the first commenter: If I want clean water, a lush environment, safe food, nice roads to drive on, etc, for myself, that only makes me self-centered. If I want these same things for everyone, and am willing to sacrifice my own pleasures to see that others get their fair share, then I’m inclined toward socialism. If I understand the concept rightly.

    Yanks slam my country, Canada, for being “socialist”, partly because we have universal heath care. It’s never right to expect the govt—i.e., other taxpayers—to support everyone who doesn’t want to work. However, I can’t imagine letting people die because they can’t afford health care. So maybe I’m half a socialist? People fault our system because there are long waiting lines for care. Sadly, for every good use there’s always some waste or abuse.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Many Yanks don’t slam Canada. More than half of my friends are Canadian..The same people are sprinkled over the earth in different percentages. I feel exactly as I think you do that everyone deserves health care. Even in Mexico, they have free medical coverage for everyone. If you can stand the wait…

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