Cornbread and Coffee


Bushboy asked us to post a photo of what we had for breakfast today. Last night my sister reminded me of a breakfast my mother used to make that was our favorite. It was corn bread or cornmeal muffins with Karo corn syrup. My sister had just made some for herself so I decided to do the same this morning. Only problem was the lack of corn syrup, so I made do with maple. Didn’t taste as good as my mother’s, though. Maybe I needed my sister’s company to enjoy it fully.
So what did you have for breakfast? 

For Bushboy’s Cafe at Home prompt.

17 thoughts on “Cornbread and Coffee

  1. slmret

    I crawled ut of bed early and went to the grocery store. I realized when I got home that I wasn’t sure if I’d had breakfast before I left or not — if I did, it would have been a protein shake and a bunch of supplements. Lunch was a leftover appetizer from some takeout over the weekend, a sort of Greek flatbread, and supper was a PB&J sandwich and some chips. Till now it’s been a mish-mash, but today’s shopping spree will help for the next week or two.


  2. judyreeveswriter

    My morning meal often consists of cornmeal muffins warmed with butter and honey rather than syrup. But yum! anyhow.


      1. Donnalee of Kingston NY

        I wandered into the trap of chocolate pudding and whipped cream fairly recently, and when I saw that they had a whole homemade chocolate cream pie, it seemed cost-effective to buy it and consider it to be ‘pudding and whipped cream’ for a few days instead of buying the other. It’s conservation in a way, and supporting local pie-makers. That makes it patriotic and nutritious. It is genuinely good as well.



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