Lovely Is As Lovely Does

I was not alone in falling in love with these one-of-a-kind huggable monsters made by Jean Mullenaux and had a hard time choosing, but by the end of the day at last weekend’s Ajijic Society of Artists show, nearly all of her loveable creatures had found a home, as is evidenced by these photos of just a few of their new Moms.

At the rate of two per day, she gives birth to each, then sells them and gives all of the proceeds to Operation Feed, a local charity that supports 600 needy citizens of the town I live in—San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico.

Jean is the last person pictured and the picture before hers is the picture of the huggable creature that went home with me, seen decorating one of my tables at the Ajijic Society of Artists show last weekend.  Bless you, Jean, a truly remarkable artist with a more remarkable heart!!! 

For Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge, Week 4

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