Sangria Mania

Sangria Mania

My walks to the refrigerator are, I fear, redundant
in search of liquid succulent and winey and abundant,
for I cannot quell my thirst for what is in the pitcher
I keep upon the bottom shelf—sangria all the richer

for strawberries and orange juice, wine and Seven-Up.
I drink it by the crystal glass and sip it by the cup.
I fear that for eight months or so, this liquid’s been a stable
addition to my fridge, not to mention on my table.

Now I’ve addicted all my friends, for few have ever balked
at helping me to quaff this liquid that I can’t keep stocked.
I find that now I have to buy the wine on which it’s based
not only by the bottle, but now I buy it cased!!!

It goes so well with Cheetos that I buy them by the bag,
and I must admit that we’re also on a jag
of scarfing down these cheesy bits so succulent and crunchy,
for as we quench our thirsts we feel the need for something munchy


My recipe for Sangria:

Put a handful of whole frozen strawberries in the bottom of a glass pitcher.

Cover with tequila and put overnight in the fridge.

The next morning, fill pitcher 1/3 with Kirkland Sangria, 1/3 with orange juice (I use Jumex) and 1/3 with 7-Up. Stir and return to fridge.

Serve  over cracked ice in clear glasses with a stir-stick stabbed into one or more of the strawberries retrieved from the pitcher.

If you are in Mexico, serve with Cheetos Torciditos. In the States or elsewhere where they are not available, choose the crispy Cheetos.  Share with friends.   Ahhhhhhhhh.




Prompt words today are stable, succulent, quell, walk and redundant.


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