Tough Love

  Tough Love By her violent hurricanes and the ice caps’ thaw, by the massive flooding and the hungry maw of fires burning cruelly, devouring trees and houses, she tries to rid the human race of habits it espouses. Mother Nature’s angry and she’s tried to let us know, but still we do not listen, […]

Dear Joan (Note Found Pinned to a Husband Left at the Curbside)

Dear Joan (Note Found Pinned to a Husband Left at the Curbside ) We’ve been friends for forever, but I fear that we are through. I have no further patience for the awful things you do. Pretending to be humble, but not shouldering  the blame, you’re just a kindred spirit in appearance and in name. […]

Love Song of a Pessimistic Spouse

Photo by Andrii Leonov on Unsplash, used with permission. Love Song of a Pessimistic Spouse Look before you leap. Run with scissors pointed down. Stay away from drafts, dear, when in your dressing gown. Careful on the the stairs, don’t hasten your descent. Don’t turn on the gas without opening the vent. Put alcohol on cuts and scrapes, […]

What Can One Man Do?

What Can One Man Do? I’m feeling sort of creepy. I’m feeling sort of weird. Everything is happening as I’ve always feared. Each heroic patriot is spinning in his grave observing how politicos are choosing to behave. Opportunists rule the day. Liberty is dying. If our founding fathers saw ,it would be grounds for crying. […]


Photo Credit: forgottenman Abandoned  Grass sways by the abandoned house I cower inside––a trembling mouse exposed to the bright flash of day when all else has gone away. First my father, then my mum go away and never come again to shelter, feed or love. Life is a winging mourning dove that makes us and then flies away, […]

An Ex-Pat’s Credo

Click on any photo to enlarge all.  The Poem “An Ex-Pat’s Credo” follows the photos. An Ex-Pat’s Credo Some may think my generation’s recent mass migration  to be a “giving up” on life—a certain violation. That rubric that we stay engaged to ease our children’s lives— to witness births of babies (then their twos, threes, […]

I Love These Questions on the Philosophy of Living Life. Come Play Along!!!

These questions were posed from a guy named Bloke on this website. I give my answers to them, and I’m  waiting to see your answers to them as well! Daily Topic Subject – The Philosophy of  Living Life Q1] What is your take on ‘free will?’ I think the free will we have is exercised […]