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Remarkably, the sun seemed to set in the east two nights ago. We could see the entire sweep of sky and while there was very little color in the west, the southeastern sky was washed a brilliant orange. Some trick of the clouds, no doubt, but nature seemed magically reversed. After twelve years of Lake Chapala sunsets, I have still never seen two alike. A close observation of nature might be change enough for someone who has craved change all her life. Just minutes later, the sky had shifted to the brilliant orange below.

A few minutes later


Being With You

Is like being alone.
As familiar as my own breath,
as basic as heavy bread,
as present as the buzz saw whirr
of cicadas in this month before rain,
you are a puzzle I have almost solved,
the words of a poem almost completed.
I type blind—my fingers on the wrong keys,
and open my eyes to see feelings rendered into code.
You lie in my bed before the open window.
Bird calls fall around us both like rain.
And long past the time the dogs would like to be fed,
they circle your door, wanting something more from you,
as all around you in your mid-morning sleep,
we plot to meet the expectations of your dreams.


Some force that is called Karma by some, Fate coincidence or synchronicity by others, and God, Allah or The Great Spirit by others, determines who walks into your life. But it’s up to you to decide whom you let walk away, whom you let stay, or whom you refuse to let go.