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Masked Truth

Masked Truth

In every other species, there are rules taken as law.
No mouse chances facing the cat’s cruel stalking paw.
Pandemonium would result if honeybees ceased to sting.
Protection is made use of by every natural thing.
Why then this garrulous argument and strutting satisfaction
displayed by anti-vaxxers and others in that faction
electrified by ignorance—Fox News misinformation.
How far it’s come in dumbing down a portion of our nation.

How can they be terrified of measures meant to save?
What is it about simple masks that causes them to rave?
Why do they rail against science and label it as treason?
Like lemmings streaming to their death, they do it against reason.
Those natural solutions that nature seeks to give
so every single species has recourse to live
includes the many wonders of the human brain
to isolate the enemies of our human strain

and provide protection—the body’s tooth and claw—
vaccines and medicines to deflect the viral maw.
So why this mounting violence with which our world is riven
against the chance to save mankind that we have all been given?
What God gives with one hand and withdraws with the other?
What Father creates children that he’s content to smother?
What animal strolls defenseless amongst this human zoo
and demands that others forsake protection, too?

What human stupid genome has Science failed to detect
that is blind to these precautions simply made to protect?
Those who revile the masked ones and refuse the simple truth,
picketing and threatening with epithets uncouth
perhaps are the next faction meant to become extinct,
drawing with them all of those unfortunately linked.
Our hospitals will fill with them, protesting all the way,
as all of those who care for them are also made to pay.


There comes a time, when a good man must wear a mask.  Johnny Depp

A mask tells us more than a face.  Oscar Wilde

Make sure you have your own mask on, before helping others with theirs. Daniel Handler


Prompt words are pandemonium, electrifying, terrified, garrulous and satisfaction.

Associated Press Reports US life expectancy in 2020 saw biggest drop since WWII

“NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. life expectancy fell by a year and a half in 2020, the largest one-year decline since World War II, public health officials said Wednesday.” Covid accounts for 11 percent of the drop. Drug use, homicides, overcrowding and lack of healthcare accounts for much of the rest. See the facts HERE.


Green Tea and Me


Green Tea and Me

The taste of green tea is a taste to which I do not cotton.
Instead of tasting fresh and green, to me it just tastes rotten.
Although it is a liquid that I must daily swallow,
it clearly is a flavor in which I don’t choose to wallow.

Health drives us to those foods and liquids we would never choose.
Makes us eat our kale and fish oil, takes away our booze.
If we want to keep our blood pressure from simply soaring,
we’ll be giving up our salt for flavors much more boring.

So nature takes our simple pleasures from us one by one.
Things like buttered popcorn become a smoking gun.
If we want our  bodies to cooperate and function,
we’ll gobble less for pleasure and nibble more for unction.

The prompt today was tea.


img_1305This really is the number of meds that are keeping me breathing right now.


Okay, readers, here’s the dope.
Though desolation might reach and grope,
put in my path those bars of soap,
in depressed times, provide the rope,
I choose instead to fight and cope.
I refuse to be a misanthrope.
I really have no cause to mope,
for as long as there is breath, there’s hope.

Background info that I couldn’t fit in without really stretching it to fit in my remaining rhyme words of “ope, lope, Pope and taupe,” is that last night I was taken by ambulance for a night’s stay in the emergency room of the local Green Cross. I started having asthma attacks in the afternoon and by evening I just couldn’t breathe even with the inhalers.  None of my friends were home so finally I called a close neighbor who luckily had a sister who is both an asthma victim and a nurse. She got me calmed down and breathing through the inhaler and they went back home to have dinner, saying they’d come back to stay with me afterwards.  I tried to call a few more friends, but again, none were home, and I had another attack.  Luckily, the phone rang and it was Chris seeing how I was.  I could just gasp “Help!”  They were there in two minutes, called an ambulance, and since they could not get me to breathe without the oxygen, they took me to the hospital for the night.  Twelve hours of oxygen later, plus visits by two doctors, an injection and 5 more bottles of medicine, I’m back home with an oxygen machine I bought, looking for a portable one that doesn’t cost $5,000—what they cost here in Mexico— or $3500—what the model I’d like costs in the states. Never have I been so thankful for the breath of life!

The prompt today is mope.

Final Jeopardy


Final Jeopardy

I don’t feel in jeopardy, don’t feel in danger.
I feel as protected as sheep at a manger.
I’ve deadlocks and bolt locks and high walls and bars,
passwords on my iBook, alarms on my cars.
With insurance policies paid for a year
on my car, house and health, there’s no reason to fear.

Jeopardy lately is something I’m lacking.
My virus protection secures me from hacking.
And as I get older, with more things to fear,
I’ll invest in a cane and Depends for my rear.
Now nearly everything has a solution.
It seems a development in evolution.

Our hides are less tough but our hearts just beat stronger
when we replace them so we can live longer.
We can buy a new hip or replace a bad knee.
There’s only one problem that I can foresee.
Memory replacement is what they should do
so we could remember where we’re walking to!

The prompt today was jeopardize.


Mary Jane Revisits the Boomers: Marijuana and Your Health

It has been almost a year since I reblogged this article about research concerning the tumor-shrinking qualities of marijuana:

I had actually forgotten this article until today’s “health” prompt led me to search my own blog.  Then, after rereading it, two other recent conversations sprung to mind.  One was a friend who is experiencing chronic pain.  I saw him recently and he told me of his success in using marijuana oil suppositories in place of the strong pain medication he has been forced to use just to function for the past ten years.  He shared with me this  article which deals with the medical uses of marijuana oil for a number of medical conditions including cancer.

Here is an excerpt from this long and detailed article: When a person smokes a joint, over 90% of the medicinal aspects of the plant material just went up in smoke. It’s ironic for me to see patients who have taken chemotherapy smoking hemp to reduce their nausea, for they are smoking the very substance which, if taken properly, could cure them. To me, there is little or no comparison between smoking cannabis and ingesting the essential oil from this plant to treat a medical condition. If you are simply seeking a little relief from your condition, smoking cannabis may be of some benefit. But if you want to treat the condition properly, ingesting the oil is the best way to accomplish this. There is no question that even smoking cannabis does have some medicinal benefits, but don’t expect to cure a serious condition in this manner.”

William Randolph Hearst is often credited with being the main agent in the vilification of marijuana, but in his  weekly science podcast, Skeptoid, Brian Dunning addressed the facts and myths surrounding the topic of the vilification of hemp in the U.S.:

California had banned non-prescription cannabis in 1913 as part of a campaign against drugs that was largely anti-Chinese; New York City in 1914; Texas in 1915. Enforcement was almost entirely against Mexican and black communities. . . . .Hearst’s newspapers absolutely did sensationalize and exaggerate marijuana crimes and the dangers of the drug, but so did virtually all publications of the day. Anslinger’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics pumped a constant stream of hysterical press releases to satiate the media, blaming murders on single reefer doses of the drug, and all sorts of crazy amplifications. A 1936 church film called Tell Your Children was massively promoted nationwide and remade by Hollywood as the 1938 Reefer Madness, a cautionary tale designed to show the horrific results of marijuana. By the time the Marihuana Tax Act was passed, the United States population was well primed to view cannabis as the deadly symbol of the criminal immigrant class. . . . Cannabis hardly needed a conspiracy of Hearst and DuPont to put it out of business by the 1930s. It had already been doomed to extinction by racism, class warfare, and a complicit government and media to feed them. Though we often tend to look toward the rich and powerful to point the blame for society’s missteps, oftentimes the true root of the problem is uncomfortably in our own back yards.”  (You can read transcripts of the rest of his podcast here:

Due to this vilification of hemp, many of its traditional and utilitarian benefits were hidden from widespread public view, but need is a great educator and as more and more of those in the boomer generation experience the debilitating effects of arthritis, hip and knee replacement, glaucoma, spinal injuries, diabetes and cancer,  people I would not have expected to laud the curative and palliative qualities of marijuana have begun to do so.

It was news of an acquaintance who cured his pancreatic cancer in a matter of months that has given me additional cause  to share the two articles above.  My husband died in three weeks of pancreatic cancer that was detected at the same stage as the cancer of this man, who started to use marijuana oil to treat his cancer.  According to a mutual friend, within four months, there were no more signs of cancer. (I have been meaning to interview this man and if there is sufficient interest shown, I will do so.  Let me know in “Comments” if you’d like to hear more on this topic.)

Now that 24 states and the District of Columbia  have laws legalizing marijuana in some form and four states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use, the cloud that has hovered over it for over fifty years has begun to lift. The internet was brand spanking new when my friend and I were looking for any possible alternative treatment for my husband’s cancer, and the above articles had not yet been written.  I present them here for you to make of them what you will, knowing that in dire circumstances, great headway is sometimes made in overcoming past prejudices.

P.S.  Thanks, Hirundine, for furnishing this further URL to obtain information about Marijuana oil: I also want to print this warning from the man who wrote the book Phoenix Tears and who operates that website:

‘This is the only real Rick Simpson web site. Make your own oil and be aware of scammers.
We do not supply oil, we are providing information. 
The only way to know that you have the real thing, is to produce the proper oil yourself. There are many criminals who say that they are producing RSO, and who are using Rick’s name. Rick Simpson has no connection with these suppliers and he has no involvement with the Phoenix Tears Foundation from the U.S., although there is a link on their web site which leads to his web site and Facebook page.”