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Cee’s Black and White Challenge: A or B

“B” is For:

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For Cee’s A or B Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto: Big and Small

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Big and Small

Midnight Marketplace

For some reason, WP wants to make the first photos huge and the ones I most want you to see are tiny.  If you click on the first photo  below, it will make the smaller ones larger as well. Also, please note that an explanatory poem follows the photos. Click on the X, upper left of the last photo, to see the poem.

Midnight Marketplace

The server’s hands pour liquid flame,
as though its heat he seeks to tame.
Poured in a river from great height,
a brilliant blue pulses with light
and falls steaming into a cup
for late night diners to drink it up.

Then when the restaurant lights go out,
the cats emerge to run about
through the darkened market aisles
to stalk their prey and sport their wiles—
grooming beneath swaying lights,
arching backs and staging fights.

This world of cats comes out at night—
that time when magic is at its height.
They swarm about and ebb and flow,

everywhere we come and go,
as though by moving through it, they
bring power to a feral day.

The hand that reaches to connect
is not rewarded. It’s suspect.
For as they walk their empty aisles,
over midnight-cooled tiles,
already in our nodding heads
are thoughts of home and welcoming beds.

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Squint your eyes and look in the sky above the left palm tree in the photo above.  See the tiny branch sticking up from the top with a tinier knob on the end?  That’s a bird.  You can see it zoomed up to in the first photo of the mosaic of shots below, all of which depict the word “tiny” to various degrees.  If you click on the first one, you, too, can zoom in on them.

Some Little Nonsense on the Subject of Copycats

“Coming and Going.” Although I am in the proximity of this dog and undergoing the same experience, you will note that I maintain my individuality by presenting my best angle to the camera in direct contrast to the dog rather than imitating him. And, as a side note, I was here first.

Some Little Nonsense on the Subject of Copycats

Some folks’ originality comes from what they view,
proving that old adage, “Monkey see and monkey do.”
And there’s another label coined from denizens of zoos.
A “copy cat” is one who mirrors everything he views.

But I find this last one puzzling, and so I’m asking you,
have you ever known a cat to do what you want him to?
Whatever he might see you do as he edges nearer,
is likely what he will ignore, not what he’ll choose to mirror.

It’s true that cattle move in herds and wild geese mimic flight,
and no one knows what sister acts mice practice in the night.
Yet all animals aren’t so easy, in spite of what you think.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

You cannot tell a cat to do what you want him to.
What you desire from that cat is what he will eschew.
Sit or fetch? Roll over? Those things hold no attraction.
Cats simply are not at their best when you prompt interaction.

So let’s dispel this rumor that cats are good at mimicry.
For though they like to bat at strings and other hanging gimmickry,
they don’t want to imitate any other creature.
For in the world of animals, each cat is the main feature.

The prompt today is copycat.

Jarred and Unjarred: DVersePoets Quadrille Prompt 14—Jars


Jarred and Unjarred

Seeing the world through crystal walls
curving around, protecting me.
Safely alone, I sit observing—
never jarred by what I see.
Infrequently, the lid screws open,
and sweet music streams into me.
Then I reach, sealing it tighter,
content to watch instead of be.

The prompt is to write a poem of exactly 44 words on the subject “Jar”