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In every corner of the globe in far-flung civilizations
I imagine folks are planning tonight’s celebrations.
This finale of the year will bring a brilliant end
to last year’s resolutions that we saw fit to bend.

This year we will get it right. There will be no debate.
We’ll resolve to start again. We won’t equivocate.
We’ll get pally with old friends we haven’t seen for years,
clean out stuffed closets and pay debts that are long in arrears.

This year as midnight approaches and we sing “Auld Lang Syne,”
the mistake that we made last year in drinking too much wine
will not be repeated, for we’ll avoid the bars
and start our New Year resolutions under the brilliant stars.

Spread out under Orion, we’ll construct our list of “do’s”
to become perfect in those ways that only we can choose.
We won’t eat so much chocolate. We’ll exercise each day
and weigh each night to see how many pounds have slipped away.

We will not play loud music so won’t be held to blame
and hope that all our neighbors will resolve to do the same.
We’ll keep our yards trimmed neatly and repaint all our shutters,
relieved that for this year at least we won’t hear neighbors’ mutters.

We’ll take bags when we walk the dogs and bring their poops all home
so folks for blocks around will not dread it when we roam.
We’re not perfect now, but in twenty-twenty-two,
we’re weeding out bad habits and starting out anew.



Prompt words today are finale, brilliant, auld lang syne, pally and civilization.

Yuletide Miracle # 1, Dec 30. 2021

Miracle #1, Dec 30, 2021: Diego slipped into the house and did not eat these
four raw cookies that I set out on the counter on their way to the oven.

(I didn’t start counting miracles until today thus the rather late #1. Next year, someone remind me to do this from the day after Thanksgiving through Tres Reyes on Jan. 6. (Not every day. Just when and if miracles occur.)

Shattered Illusions: FOTD, Dec 30, 2021

In 35 years of growing bougainvillea, I have never seen the central flower bloomed out like this!

Here is how they usually look:

But, oops. I suddenly had a brainstorm and went outside to check again, and guess what? When I moved the bougainvillea branch aside, this is what I discovered:

That bloom was actually the bloom of this tiny succulent peeking through the bougainvillea. Another of life’s illusions shattered!


For Cee’s FOTD

They’ll Be Sorry!!!

They’ll Be Sorry!!!

She’s stuffing Mommy’s reticule with necessary stuff,
putting on her bunny coat and leaving in a huff.
All the sundry items contribute to its thickness—
pajamas for her dolly and candy pills for sickness.

She’s packed her favorite nightie and her dolly and her bear,
a pair of extra panties and a hairbrush for her hair.
She grabs a sun umbrella as she passes by the rack,
squishes up her raincoat and stuffs it in her sack.

So now she’s set for sun or rain as she sets off to roam.
She’ll make her parents sorry when she runs away from home!
The hall clock ticks its countdown as she sets off on her lark.
She’ll have to run away right now to be back before dark.


Prompt words are reticule, sundry, countdown, cohere and sickness.
Image by Zahra Amiri on Unsplash