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Last Minute Redemption


Last Minute Redemption

I have made a resolution
to attempt last-minute absolution
for the sins I have collected,
just in case I’m resurrected.

 You see, I have a certain hunch
that later I’ll be in a crunch,

burdened by a heavy pack
of life’s misdeeds tied to my back,
condemned for all eternity
to never be completely free
’til I atone for every one.
Only when I’m down to none,
will I advance thus unencumbered.
Now that I know my days are numbered,
if I have ever slighted thee,
now is your time to contact me
to receive my late apology.

So Mia culpa, lo siento.
In just one second, un momento,
I will voice my sorrow for
all the ills I’ve caused you, or
all the times I didn’t say
those words that might have made your day.
For though I don’t believe in hell,
I figure that I might as well,
 just in case, try for exemption
to win my guilty soul’s redemption.

Since the Daily Prompt from WordPress is now defunct, I’m trying out a number of other daily prompts.  The Daily Addictions word today is redemption. Feel free to play along by clicking on the link and adding your own post on the theme to the Mr Linky link.

Beauty in Ruins: May 27, 2018


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Man and nature conspire to create collages making use of these old buildings in the pueblo just below my house. I am mystified about what the other end of the noose seen in the first photo is attached to. I had to include the paint-splattered paving stones from Ajijic as well as it suited the theme.


For Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Sweet Little Pain

The prompt word for the weekly photo challenge was “Nostalgia.’



All of these photos were taken on Prince Edward Island, Canada.


The unpredictability of my internet connection, my camera and my cell phone were distressing over the past few days and will result in few postings about the reunion itself, but I did have some remarkable encounters and heard some wonderful stories—some of which I can share and others which I cannot, due to their personal nature.  All in all, however, I’ve had a fabulous time—perhaps the best I’ve ever had at any of the reunions we have had every 5 years for the past 50 years.  (I think I’ve attended all but one.)

On our way back to Sheridan, we stopped by Richard Hullinger’s 1880’s Town, which he has assembled from actual antique buildings moved here from all over South Dakota as well as movie sets from the film “Dances with Wolves.” A small part of the  extensive collection assembled by Richard and his father Clarence over the years is shown below.  Although it is a short distance west of Murdo, I had never visited it before.  It is well worth the stop.