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Cat Nap

Cat Nap


I chanced upon this scene when I came back to the guest room, where I am sleeping tonight hoping it will be less asthma-provoking than my room has been lately. It looked so cozy, I hated to disturb it.  I have another confession to make.  I bought this cat made of papier mache newsprint in PV.  It was made by an artist who would not reduce the pretty pricey price because he was selling them in galleries so couldn’t undercut them.  I actually bought it for my friend but when I saw it in my new guest room I decided to keep it.  I felt guilty about this while she was here. I had installed it cozily on the bed in the room where she slept.  Imagine my delight when I pointed it out after a few days, surprised she hadn’t mentioned it, and she made a rather disparaging comment about it.  Relief!  I was thinking if she was crazy about it I’d have to give it up to her.  She is a cat lady, I should add, of the first order.  So, I sent her back to her real cats and she let me keep my hypoallergenic cat. I’m sleeping with it tonight.


S’cat!!!! NJW’s Halloween Challenge.

Everyday Kitty

Casts a fine shadow. Likes to curl up.
Has to put up with that scrawny new pup.
At her most regal when perched up on leather,
she suns on the wall in the sunniest weather.

Not very scary like Halloween cats.
Doesn’t quite go with pumpkins and bats.
But everyday kitty has her own way,
and she’s a great kitty for just every day.



When first he turned up on their lawn,
he might have been the Devil’s spawn.
He hissed and sputtered––showed tooth and claw––
fierce growls emitting from his widespread maw.
They feared they might be scratched or bitten,
yet took a chance ––and tamed the kitten!

(I think you’ll want to click on the below photos to enlarge them. You’ve seen some of them before, but worth reviewing imho.)

prompt word today was “Fierce.”


Bearcat—NaPoWriMo 2016, April 20

When my new husband and I moved from L.A. to the redwoods of northern California, a feral cat appeared from the forest and after a week or so of hide-and-go-seek games, deigned to move in with us.  A month or so later, she had three kittens—like their mother, all grey Burmese with chartreuse eyes, but each with a differently-shaped tail.  The mother’s was curved at the end with a dip to the right. One of the female kittens had a similar dip, but to the left.  The other female had a zigzag tale. The sole male, Bearcat, was the only one with a perfect tale—unbent, long and expressive.  He was also the biggest,  the most talkative and the only one to survive for fifteen years—long enough to move with us to Mexico.


back lofter
tail wafter
gray bearer
drape tearer
ball loser

lap chooser
bunny slayer
shoelace player
sofa climber
sleep mimer
shadow springer
dragonfly bringer
lizard de-tailer
spider nailer
basement searcher
window ledge percher
tree dweller
mouse smeller
dog chaser
bug caser
door crack peeper
sunbeam sleeper
woods walker
squirrel stalker
rail balancer
prey glancer
shadow catcher
love hatcher
body spinner
heart winner


NaPoWriMo prompt: Kennings were riddle-like metaphors use in Norse Sagas. Basically, they are ways of calling something not by its actual name, but by a sort of clever, off-kilter description — for example, the sea would be called the “whale road.” Today, I challenge you to think of a single thing or person (a house, your grandmother, etc), and then write a poem that consists of kenning-like descriptions of that thing or person.

Here is an earlier poem written to this same prompt:——

Lulu and Annie

Lulu and Annie

Version 2

I dreamed last night that I woke up and my cat was on my chest.  I was surprised because she won’t come any farther than the wall to be fed since Morrie, my third dog, came to stay.  My first cat, Lulu, moved out and in with the neighbors when I got my second dog.  At any rate, I petted my cat, so glad to see her but wondering how she got into the house.  Then suddenly another cat  jumped up on the bed .  I saw that it was Annie, my youngest cat.  So who was the other one??? I opened my eyes to see it was Lulu who had come back to visit.  I was so happy to have them both together again and we lay there (in the dream) for a long time.  When I woke up I was still pleased that I’d seen Lulu after all these years, then realized it was a dream.

daily life  color114 (2)daily life  color116

Both of the girls displayed an interest in my work, although Annie had a bit more of a technological bent.

daily life  color113 (1)One day, I caught Lulu giving Annie climbing lessons.  Here she is between the glass and the screen, so there was little danger of falling, but some danger of not being able to extricate herself.

daily life  color112For advanced lessons in climbing, they moved to the pistachio tree. Yes.  You can believe your eyes. Lulu does have one green eye and one blue one.

Last night when I was out to dinner I ran into Lulu’s “new” parents who told me she’d been very ill and asked me how old she was.  They were surprised to discover that she’ll be 15 years old in a few months.  They thought she was much younger.  But, alas, they told me she has been very very ill and has not been eating which never happens with her. I am afraid to call to see if she passed in the night and came to visit me one last time.

Grey World : Travel Theme Grey


How can you know I’m not cheating? In black and white, lots of colors pass for grey!!!

Version 2

See? She’s really grey! Squeak/nee Birdie/nee Annie no longer comes onto the property now that a second and third dog have been added.  She is faithful to this wall.  Especially at mealtime.  I don’t know where she sleeps.  Not in her bed in the nice warm cat carrier in the garage anymore.  She is semi-wild.


Storms dumped tons of rocks onto the beach in La Manzanilla last year. Made for a lot of gray!


This gray heron is almost invisible against banks of grey stones.


Six inches of sand and dirt completely obscured the paving stones on main street so first timers were mislead into thinking there was no paving at all. Men worked for weeks to shovel out the packed sand and reveal the pavers underneath.