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On the savannah or on my knee,
the difference is one of degree.
That resolution of feline will—
the stroke, the purr, the spring, the kill.

Only the size and prey may change—
the speed of spring, the chase’s range.
Stalking over rock or rill
or perched upon the window sill,

large or small or maned or not,
they are exactly as God has wrought.
Wild or domestic, the fact is that
simply put, a cat’s a cat.


For Sadje’s What Do You See Challenge #

Kangaroo Coup

Kangaroo Coup

I scored a knockout in Kentucky against a kangaroo.
Before he aimed his kick at me, I simply staged a coup.
I could have killed with kindness, but  I chose not to do it
because I knew that if I did, I’d very likely rue it.


For A Letter A Week: The Letter “K”
Image by Graham Holshausen on Unsplash.

Place – kentucky

Emotion – kindness

Adjective – knockout

Verb – kick

My animal – kangaroo

The Plot Thickens

See this dog??

And see this dog?

Can you tell which one is Zoe? The first photo I found on a site about Chiweenies–evidently the new “it” dog with breeders. This Chihuahua/Dachshund hybrid supposedly produces all kinds of mixtures of the two breeds, but the cutest I saw was Zoe’s. So, folks, I think it is pretty definite that I am the proud mama of a Chiweenie!

Hate to admit I’m still having problems remembering Zoe’s name, let alone her breed. Better choice than a Dachshuahua, though, don’t you think?

Zoe’s Doppelganger

Kirk and I saw this incredibly well-behaved dog in a restaurant. She sat upright on this chair for an hour and never moved or begged for food. As far as I could see she never blinked. But, she looked exactly like Zoe would look if she were twice her present size. What do you think? When I remarked on her behavior, her human said that she had not been feeling well. She is a rescue and one of 12 dogs he and his partner have. And 54 cats!  I now feel less a martyr to my 3 dogs and two cats. The second shot is of Zoe a couple of weeks ago. The first and third  are of her doppelganger. Zoe would have been in the middle of my plate in seconds.



Folks who are idolatrous
have deified the octopus.
The Durga of the watery world,
with her many arms unfurled,
when she suffers from upheaval,
she turns dangerous and evil.

Don’t underrate this ocean creature—
a lethal underwater feature.
Rankled, she exacts revenge,
her disturbed leisure to avenge,
for warfare is the medium
with which she relieves tedium.

A predator from dawn to dawn,
I could write an essay on
the sustenance she preys upon.
First they’re there and then they’re gone,
turned into impromptu feast
by this many-suckered beast.

This queen of the underworld
is lethal with her arms unfurled,
so if perchance you come upon her,
do not think that you can con her.
For if you try, I have a hunch
you might become her choice for lunch.


Durga is a fierce warrior goddess. She is depicted in Hindu art as riding on a lion or a tiger. She has many arms and is always brandishing a variety of weapons.

Prompt words today are octopus, essay, upheaval, rankle and medium. Image by Serena Repice Lentini on Unsplash.