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You stroll across the road in front of us
as though you do not notice us.
Astonished, we capitulate our right of way
and sit in the car, digesting our wonder
at your incursion into this tame neighborhood
spread like a blanket
over the wildness of the desert.

It is no wonder
that life in this place
seems to be laden
with occasional visits
of rattlesnakes and bobcats
such as yourself,
but it is by chance that,
like a brief vacation from our own banality,

we bear witness to your incursion.

Even given your languid stroll,
I cannot move quickly enough to record it,
but providence provides,
and minutes after we pull into the garage and come inside,
an email arrives from the neighbor
that records your incursion
into his backyard.

He stalked you with his camera,
and we with our eyes
as you strolled serenely
in between your own stalkings.

Oh, bobcat,
beautiful element

of that wild nature that surrounds
and enriches us
and which, in spite of
evidence to the contrary,
we are a part of—

If I were religious,
these words
of your sighting
would be my prayer.

Prompts today are chance, capitulate, digest, lade and astonished. Photo by Paul Brown. Thanks, Paul, for capturing what I could only try to capture in words. Photo taken on Friday afternoon, April 16, 2021. Location: Trilogy at Vistancia, Peoria, Arizona.

Over Head

Over Head

Lying in the hammock, searching for my words,
I come up with nothing, so I consult the birds.
They lift up off my trees to circle in a ring
as though they’re reconnoitering every single thing.

Swooping to partake of swirling clouds of  gnats,
eying all my fruit trees, teasing both the cats,
who, crouched up on the roof, dream culinary wishes—
far above their heads, those tiny feathered fishes

far out of their reach, but so mesmerizing that 
they far exceed temptation of squirrel or of rat.
Cats find bird movements insolent, drifting high up there.
Such an outrê thing to do, floating in the air!

Prompt words today are consult, insolent, outré and reconnoiter.

Little Duck’s Redux: Cee’s Fun Foto Prompt

Click on first photo and then each photo to enlarge and see the story of Little Duck.

You’ve seen these photos before in numerous posts about Little Duck. This is a blend of a number of his different adventures. 

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Non-Alive Animals

Macro Monday

I’ve been looking for these photos  I took for years. Finally found them on a disk where I stored photos from an old computer. Yay!

Click on photos to enlarge!!!!!

Do you know what this is? If no one guesses, I’ll tell you tomorrow if someone reminds me. Not having a good day memory-wise!! Just got a blank voice message notification from a few minutes ago. I called it and no one answered. Then I realized it was my number! I’d called myself to to to locate my cell phone. Definitely losing it.

Travel Challenge: Day 3

I was nominated by my friend Konstanze Venus to post one favorite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then to nominate someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations. I may not make it to the end of ten days, but for now I nominate Bushboy . Some people I nominate may be on Facebook and others on blogs. Just post wherever you wish but link to me so I know you have. If you are not interested, no problema.

Nowhere in the rules does it say you can’t guess where the photo was taken and that I can’t agree if you are right, say keep guessing if you aren’t.

HERE is a link to my Travel Challenge, Day 4.

Spying on Birds

Spying on Birds
A little bird flew around for an hour today with a balled-up Kleenex in her beak, looking for a place to build her nest. Her mate accompanied her and they investigated the plumeria tree for a long time but it is without leaves at the moment. In a few weeks it would be a possibility. Her mate then stood lookout on the Plumeria while she investigated the bamboo and bougainvillea. Finally, she settled on the big cactus..It was fun observing.
Then a vermillion flycatcher took over the lookout branch. If that is a Kleenex I dropped, some of my DNA will be in the nest!!
Click on photos to enlarge them.

Dog Days of August: Stella’s Best Leaf Jumps of All Time

This video makes me regret having never lived in a place with enough leaves to do this.  One of the best short videos I’ve ever seen. I watched it four times! Joyful.