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Total Immersion

Version 2

Total Immersion

When it came to one diversion,
I fear I went total immersion.
I seemed to be in watching mode
as episode after episode,
the story line just seemed to flow,
and I watched two seasons in a row!

But now I find myself confessing
Netflix can be curse or blessing;
for I’ve found at end of day,
they’ve taken “Men in Trees” away.
Now I mourn its loss. The reason?
They cancelled after second season!!!



I’ve been without TV by choice for most of the time since 1987. The reason initially was because my husband’s daughter, who was having problems in school, came to live with us. I wanted to encourage her to read, so we had the TV cable cancelled.  By the time that she moved back with her mother a few years later, I found that I liked my life without the diversion of television.  my mother taped and sent her favorite shows, without commercials, as did my sister, so I had my own personal TiVo even before it was invented. With time on TV limited, I turned to other pleasures—mainly gardening and working in the studio.  

A few years after I moved to Mexico, I did connect to Satellite TV, but when my service provider skipped town with the year’s subscription money in his pocket, I decided not to renew with another provider. Very shortly thereafter, Netflix became available in Mexico; and so I find myself watching very old series that most have already seen: Friends, Heartland, and most recently, Men in Trees!  I allowed myself the luxury of watching the entire two seasons in a week or so.  Characters came to seem like old friends, then vanished forever.  I mourn their loss.


The prompt today was immerse.

Firefly II

The Prompt:  What favorite cancelled TV Show would you like to see them create a sequel to?

Firefly II
Although there has already been a movie sequel, I’d like to see at least one more season of the TV series “Firefly”  and have all the characters come back as the characters they now play in newer series. Captain Mal Reynolds would be replaced by “Castle.” Inara would return to her former place as paid companion fresh from her divorce from her notorious terrorist husband in “Homeland,” and Saffron, having resigned from her high-profile job on “Mad Men,” would return to continue to make trouble for Mal Reynolds (er, Castle.) Zoe would return as the high-profile lawyer she is as Jessica in “Suits” and perhaps bring an anti-trust “suit” against the Alliance.