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Tinder is the Night

Tinder is the Night

It was a measly little dalliance—a tumble in the hay—
but it turned insidious somewhere along the way.
You read about it somewhere almost every day,
so when you meet up with strangers,
be careful where you lay.

Prompt words today are tumble, insidious, dalliance, measly and read. Image by Matthieu Huang on Unsplash.

The Unlikelihood of Dieting

The Unlikelihood of Dieting

Her curvaceous days were over. She was striving for the minimum.
She wanted her face molded and her abdomen tight as a drum.
She curtailed breakfast waffles and cookies, cakes and pies
and bought a stationary bike to exercise her thighs,
but to coin a phrase I fear her chances were slim pickens
so long as there were French fries and Colonel Sanders chickens!

Prompt words today are over, coin, curvaceous, curtail and minimum.

If I seem to be obsessed about losing weight and body image lately, blame the prompts and the fact that my friend keeps making me eat ice cream!!!

Eaten Away


Eaten Away

Now that my skin’s been exsiccated,
I think it could be debated
whether now I’m liable
to also be more friable.
Pounds drying out and crumbling?
If so, I won’t be grumbling.
I’ll be real glad to lose some mass
from upper arms, tummy and ass.
If so, aging could be a treat,
for no matter what I eat,
my fat would crumble and fall away.
Naughty eating with naught to pay.

Prompt for today are exsiccate, real, kin, friable and treat.


Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water!


I just received this Facebook post from a friend in the states. If you have been vaccinated and think it is safe to let down your guard, think again. Here is her story:

Joe and I tested positive for Delta Covid-19 yesterday. We were vaccinated with Pfizer, Joe in Feb, and me in March. We had to INSIST that our doctor test us yesterday. He kept saying, “no, you’ve been vaccinated, this is just a virus.” This tells us there are more people out there with Covid who think they have something else. Also, Joe’s symptoms are not mild…he already has some pneumonia. I’m reporting this to stress how important it is to WEAR YOUR MASK. Please, please, please, wear your mask in public. We trusted the vaccine to protect us, we were wrong to do so! Already this morning we know it’s very possible Joe will need to be hospitalized. Kris and Jeffery have no symptoms. Anyone who has been around us in the last week, please get tested.