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Incantation for the Rainy Season


Incantation for the Rainy Season

I admit I’m taking sanctuary, waiting for the rain.
I really cannot help it that I’m foolish and I’m vain.
It’s lack of all humidity causing my hibernation.
This dryness is my scapegoat. I am needing rain’s hydration.

Once there’s water in the air, my cavities will out,
and all these ugly wrinkles are destined to fill out.
I’m praying to the rain gods, though I don’t like to beg,
for the wrinkles on my torso are spreading to my leg.

My hand backs are so furrowed they’re impervious to lotions.
My crepey neck defies even my most expensive potions.
I’m succumbing to my wrinkles. I’ve barely a smooth patch.
I think I’d be the winner in a “most wrinkled” match.

In the aging Olympics, I would surely win the gold.
I’ve passed from young to middle-aged and ended up at “old.”
I’ve given up on vagueness and modesty and pride.
I’m bluntly revealing the condition of my hide.

Yes, I’ve succumbed to wrinkles. and my only hope’s the rain.
Surely with humidity, I’ll plump right up again!!!!


Prompts today are regenerate, scapegoat, vague and sanctuary. Here are their links:

Frangipani Fever


Frangipani Fever

Yes, the scenery is breathtaking. In fact, it is uncanny,
and what mainly takes my breath away is the frangipani.
The color is my favorite—its texture velvet-soft—
but see its pollen messengers descending from aloft?
They permeate the summer sky. They go where e’er they please.
They wind up in my nostril hairs, then spin out in a sneeze.
When I call it “hay fever,” I know it is a gaffe,
but “frangipani fever” only makes folks laugh.
As I explode each morning—blowing, coughing, wheezing,
I fear the fact they’re “breathtaking” is something less than pleasing.



Prompts today are breathtaking, gaffe, zenith and velvet. Here are links:




My instinct is toward empathy, but I must admit
it’s harder to have empathy for someone who’s a twit.
And though lack of hospitality is something of a sin,
some guests are more welcome going out than coming in!!!


RDP didn’t post a prompt today, so we’re limited to three. They are instinct, empathy and hospitality. Here are the links:

An Afternoon in the Jocotepec Plaza

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Drama Queen

Photo by Matthew T. Rader on Unsplash

Drama Queen

Your disingenuous comments come off as less than real.
In fact, I can’t help thinking you display more than you feel.
You feign blustery emotions. You fuss and you emote,
and yet your words seem bigger than the feelings they denote.
Your dialogue is fervent. You shout and plead and bleat,
but I’m afraid your fiery comments seem to lack real heat.
Before further encounters and angst-filled future sessions,
may I make a suggestion? I’d suggest acting lessons.