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White Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, July 28, 2016


I didn’t even know I had a white hibiscus in my yard, but was greeted by this one as I left my house this morning Below is another view:

Flower of the Day – July 28, 2016 – Some type of Daisy

Dahlia:Flower of the Day



 I guess I’m just going to keep posting pictures of this orange dahlia until I run out of angles. Yes, I do have a few more I haven’t presented, but I’ll give it a rest for awhile. This is what Christmas looks like in Mexico!  It’s orange!!!

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Think Pink: Flower of the Day

Think Pink

IMG_8467IMG_8463These huge and incredible blooms were almost obscured by the leaves of a monstrous tree on the Lake Chapala Society grounds. I had to get under them to photograph them as they hang straight down.  I have no idea what the name of the tree is and in the past have just caught them after the flowers all dry up and turn brown.  Thanks, Jessica, for pointing them out!

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Bougainvillea con “Chinche”–Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge 9/21/15

Yolanda tells me she thinks this beautiful insect is a “Chinche” and that it has a strong odor.  I took pictures of it for several minutes and even somehow disengaged the flower it was on so it fell to the ground and it still didn’t present its odor, so I can only guess it enjoyed the attention.  This is one to enlarge.  Just click on it! Oh, Of course the flower is the ubiquitous bougainvillea!  I have them in every color and size all over my property!

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Mexican Orchid Tree? Ceiba Speciosa)–Cee’s Flower of the Day Prompt 8/19/15

I do not know the name of this tree with the beautiful blooms.  We have always just called it the Mexican Orchid Tree, although I can find no tree by that name whose blooms look like these. Here’s a closeup view of its wonderful flowers. (Note added Jan. 2, 2016–I have finally located the real name of this tree!  It is  ceiba speciosa–commonly known as the silk floss tree.  It is such an interesting tree that I’m going to do another posting on it, showing its trunk and large seed pods as well.)

IMG_3875 IMG_3864 IMG_3895 (1) IMG_3877


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And, the tree itself.