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Edges: Weekly Photo Challenge

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Edges on windowframes, shadows and cages.
Edges of different sizes and ages.
Edges like razors and some softly curled.
Edge of your roof and edge of the world.
Edges to rise above, fall from and go through.
Edges to walk on and fly with and row through.
The edges of water lined with fine foam,
but the very best edges are those we call home.

You may have already guessed that the prompt word today is “Edge.”

ABC’s of the Prairie

ABC’s of the Prairie



With little competition for attention, still, signs on the prairie need to be large to compete with the scale of endless flat land and full sky.

But when it comes to irony, nothing competes with this sign just a few miles outside the town I lived in.  Without a sign telling us so, how would we ever have guessed that we were in a mountain time zone? Our surroundings certainly belied this assertion!!



From the excesses of Day of the Dead to ornate expressions of art to a faux-fancy shower knob, ornate can be found anywhere!


IMG_7379IMG_6928 IMG_6923

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

DSC07791 DSC07989 IMG_3262  DSCF1720

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Note: If you looked at my morning’s post and it was empty, please look again HERE.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

Weekly Photo Prompt: Scale

Photo Prompt–Scale: This week, share an image that highlights a size relationship — make us pause and take a second look to understand the scale of the elements in your photo.