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Hospitable and Not: Travel Theme, Bark

The bark of this giant tree that had fallen across the road and been cut in two, then left with the chunk covering the road removed, became a host for other plants and fungi to thrive on.

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Just a few blocks away, we found this other bark—this one less welcoming to intruders.


For the Travel themebark!”

Framed!!! (Travel Theme, Frame)


IMG_7483IMG_7477IMG_7018IMG_7040 (1)When Proteccion Civil directed that three blocks of the mountainside fraccionamiento I  live in should be evacuated because of feared landslides from Hurricane Patricia, there was very little time to decide just what to take.  In the pounding rain, Pasiano and I unloaded my car, which was full of cartons of art supplies for the calaveras decorating and loaded dog cages, a few clothes, dog food, food from my refrigerator and three dogs. Here Frida stands peering over the back seat, framed by the hatchback of my minivan.  Actually, this picture was taken the day we came back. The beer was a gift I bought at a microbrewery on my way home–a gift for the friends where we had taken shelter for the night.

IMG_7045Since three dogs seemed a bit much to inflict upon my friend Audrey, Frida stayed with other friends: Glenda and Mario.  Not knowing if they’d let us come back home the next day, I had brought only Morrie and Diego back with me to inquire at the office if we could move back in. When the answer was affirmative, I left Diego and Morrie at home and went to get our stuff and Frida.  Here they stand framed by the garage gate, waiting for their sister to be “unloaded.” Luckily, no rain at all on this day we were supposed to get 20 inches and have 100 mph. winds!  The whole moving out debacle ended up being much ado about nothing. Luckily!!

Travel Theme– Angles: Minnesota to San Francisco

Angles: Minnesota to San Francisco

Version 4IMG_0194 IMG_0116 IMG_0115 IMG_0075 DSC01639 DSC01618 DSC01342 DSC00513 DSC00281



For different angles look here;

Grey World : Travel Theme Grey


How can you know I’m not cheating? In black and white, lots of colors pass for grey!!!

Version 2

See? She’s really grey! Squeak/nee Birdie/nee Annie no longer comes onto the property now that a second and third dog have been added.  She is faithful to this wall.  Especially at mealtime.  I don’t know where she sleeps.  Not in her bed in the nice warm cat carrier in the garage anymore.  She is semi-wild.


Storms dumped tons of rocks onto the beach in La Manzanilla last year. Made for a lot of gray!


This gray heron is almost invisible against banks of grey stones.


Six inches of sand and dirt completely obscured the paving stones on main street so first timers were mislead into thinking there was no paving at all. Men worked for weeks to shovel out the packed sand and reveal the pavers underneath.