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Party Animal

Party Animal

I trip and stumble,
fall and tumble
(Lately haste
not to my taste.)
Incapacitated? Yes!
What’s the reason? Can’t you guess?
Once, though I was hale and hearty,
life of every wild party, 
now I draw less audiences,
fewer smiles and way more winces
as I slip up, toe or tongue 
on syllables or ladder rung.
These faux pas once made due to whiskey
back when I was young and frisky
are due to age’s cruel spasms
instead of youth’s enthusiasms.

Prompts for today are trip, mumble, incapacitated, hale, draw andtaste. Photo by Hillary P on Unsplash

Peristeronic Poesy


Peristeronic Poesy

Forgive if I go histrionic
over things peristeronic.
I can’t control the things I do
when I hear them bill and coo.
Every day, my morning tonic
is when pigeons do their sonic
gurglings like water running.
while they do their daily sunning.
How I love these sunrise smidgens
of the morning sounds of  pigeons!!

For the Weekend Writing Prompt: Peristeronic.

Kleptoparasitic Tendencies

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 8.50.30 AM.png

Kleptoparasitic Tendencies

At first sight of the sperm whales, the fishermen all cringe,
for these felons of the ocean loiter on the fringe,
and when they hear the motors hauling in  the lines,
each poacher dives to steal the fish, hook after hook, and dines.
The perils of the ocean include gale-force wind and rain,
but this larceny of sperm whales is the larger pain.


To see sperm whales targeting fishing boats for an easy meal, go HERE.

Prompt words for the day are fringe, rain, first, felon and fish.

If Things Should Return to Normal


If Things Should Return to Normal

Just in case the world we know ever returns to normal,
I feel we’ll need reminders for behavior less informal.
So, let me reacquaint you with the former art of dressing.
Introducing color-matching, underwear and pressing.
It’s been a number of months now—five, to be precise—
since there was the necessity to put on something nice
and face the maze of traffic to go to an event.
So before you visit places where you once often went,
you may require reminders, lest in trips to spots exalted
you could find your entry may otherwise be halted.
Entrance to most restaurants requires shirt and shoes,
along with all your other clothes. Forget this, and you’ll lose
precious hours driving home to remedy the fact
that you’ve forgotten basics of how you used to act.
Out there in the real world, genteel folks do not dare
to go about half-dressed and it’s good to cut your hair.
Put on a little lipstick and tweeze hairs from your chin.
Do not gobble down your food and do not slurp your gin.
When the world returns to normal and you go out once more,
just in case, please pin this little check-list to your door.
Though reminders may be premature, be glad that you have gotten them,

for by the time they’re needed, I’ll most likely have forgotten them.

Prompt words today are maze, precious, introducing, exalt and dress.


Version 2


My once magical garden is less discrete
with two-foot-high plants growing under my feet.
My beautiful fescue is obscured by weeds,
my succulent sun rose and tall slender reeds
choked out by visitors never invited.
I cajole my gardener. This must be righted!
This situation has grown to be dire.

The driving rain has prodded them higher.
If you want to come over to see how high
my rainy season weeds are, please bring a scythe!!!

Prompt words today are magical, cajole, driving, discrete and beautiful.

Ha! When I went down to take photos of the spare lot I am trying to convert into a garden, Pasiano was in fact down there with a weed-whacker, working diligently, so this poem was obsolete even before I posted it.

The Makeover


The Makeover

She was a timid little thing, wedded to lace and wicker.
Although she had a wicked wit if it were only quicker.
With her friends it’s true that she was faster to respond.
They were a modern sort of crowd–a regular beau monde.

They devised a plot to bring her out, to shatter her reserve.
They knew she had the talent but lacked the will and nerve.
They made it their year’s project to extract her from her shell.
They knew it wouldn’t be easy, for they knew her well.

But their decision was not arbitrary. They were all intent.
Of her reclusive habits, she was going to repent!!!
By what methods they inspired her, I fear we’ll ne’er discover.
Let it suffice for us to say they brought her from her cover.

By the next social season, she was fashionably buff.
Her reparté was clever, her rejoinders up to snuff.
And all the local bachelors, formerly prone to snickering
were lined up before the lady, groveling and smickering.



Words for the day are project, arbitrary, smicker, reserve and respond.

Definition of smicker from Merriam Webster Dictionary:

archaicto ogle and smile amorously 

People Talk

People Talk

“Precocious,” said the neighbor lady, talking about me.
And so I grabbed the dictionary, perched it on my knee,
intent upon my purpose, concentrating on my need
to know the meaning of the word, although I couldn’t read.

At three years old, another neighbor said that I was sweet.
I licked my arm, thinking that I might be good to eat,
but I tasted of my modeling clay, and I began to choke.
I figured out his comment was something of a joke.

My crazy older brother used to call me “out of sight”
when at the dinner table—in daylight, not at night.
The space between us was not much. Why couldn’t he see
this person in her rightful place was obviously me?

At four years old, I know a lot: numbers, letters, words.
What to call the insects. The names for all the birds.
I listen when they talk to me from grass or tree or fence.
It’s only human animals that often don’t make sense!

Prompt words for today are space, precocious, sweet, rightful and purpose.

Home for the Duration?


Home for the Duration?

I simply must go shopping. I’ve a plethora of needs.
My soup has gone unsalted and my garden’s full of weeds.
I need whips for my whacker and I need a box of salt.
So if my meals aren’t tasty, you can see it’s not my fault.

The bane of my existence is the branches that have grown
to obscure my lake view and upset my garden’s tone.
When I’m in the hammock, I’m thereby deprived my vista
because I loaned my hedge clippers to my older sista.

It’s easier to buy new ones if I could just go shopping,
but nobody knows when our immurement will be stopping.
Lately what might happen in the future’s arcane knowledge.
I hope that school resumes before my 3-year-old needs college!

Prompt words for today are salty, arcane, vista, plethora and shop.

Creative Calibration

Image by Oren Atias on Unsplash, used with permission.

Creative Calibration

She was a paragon of beauty. Diminutive perfection.
The persona she constructed an incredible confection.
Each year observance of her birth a full-scale celebration.
Every year, a slight deduction in its calibration.
So I’m afraid it’s true that by the time she passed away
and met her final sunset at the ending of the day,
though sexy in her youth, in her dotage she was hotter,
and if you took her word for it, was younger than her daughter!

Word prompts today are paragon, diminutive, celebration, afraid and sunset.


DSC08898 - Version 2


Gives an excuse
for that bright orange umbrella
and yellow overshoes
toppled over in the hall closet,
yet it is nighttime and I am old.
I lie under blankets on the sofa,
content with its comforting
on the plastic skylight

It is a friend knocking
calling me out to play.

Six years old,
Imprisoned by summer,
we were given occasionally
the refreshing release
of a hard summer rain.
Bare feet splashing,
we raced dry leaf boats
manned by our imaginations
through the caves of culverts,
down to those ultimate puddles
magnificent in their magnitude.

Sixty years later,
I am caught up in the currents
of that sudden rush downwards
and backwards to
a plastic umbrella
abandoned on the sidewalk
as we opened like  flowers.

hides tears.
Forces growth.
Cleans up our messes
and provides glorious new ones.
Washes away today
and grows tomorrow.


For dVerse Poets: Rain