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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted



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For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Shadow Play

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The photo prompt this week was shadow.

Edges: Weekly Photo Challenge

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Edges on windowframes, shadows and cages.
Edges of different sizes and ages.
Edges like razors and some softly curled.
Edge of your roof and edge of the world.
Edges to rise above, fall from and go through.
Edges to walk on and fly with and row through.
The edges of water lined with fine foam,
but the very best edges are those we call home.

You may have already guessed that the prompt word today is “Edge.”




Vibrant objects, vibrant people.  Splashily vibrant or quietly vibrant–all the same, we need this vibrancy in our lives.  Easy to find in Mexico!!!!

ABC’s of the Prairie

ABC’s of the Prairie



With little competition for attention, still, signs on the prairie need to be large to compete with the scale of endless flat land and full sky.

But when it comes to irony, nothing competes with this sign just a few miles outside the town I lived in.  Without a sign telling us so, how would we ever have guessed that we were in a mountain time zone? Our surroundings certainly belied this assertion!!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: New


Have you ever noticed how a cat always seeks the newest thing in the house to sit on?  In this case, my overnight bag in my nephew's house, under my nephew's cat!

Have you ever noticed how a cat always seeks the newest thing in the house to sit on? In this case, my overnight bag in my nephew’s house, under my nephew’s cat!

Nothing so irresistible as a new puppy.

Nothing so irresistible as a new puppy.

I repeat. . . .

I repeat. . . .

These young ladies are very happy in their new home at La Ola, a home for abused girls in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico.

These young ladies are very happy in their new home at La Ola, a home for abused girls in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico.

And, of course, it is inevitable that I’d close by saying Happy New Year!!

A Photo A Week Challenge: Profile

DSC00027 - Version 2DSC00416 - Version 2_2

DSC00463 - Version

for more profile pictures, go here: http://nadiamerrillphotography.






I’ve been trying to locate these fellows in my Virginia Creeper vine that hangs over my terrace table for weeks. They are huge, but also hard to find in the foliage and they do make a tremendous mess, pooping on my glass table. So, our achievement was actually finding two of them in one day. I never have been able to figure out what kind of caterpillar they are, but we’ve had some great adventures over the past 13 years. One day I’ll publish pics I took of the year I established a caterpillar triage unit. Does anyone know what those “crystals” growing out of its head are? The above guy looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland!


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt: Achievement —Have you just run 26.2 miles, finished a long-term project, or met a personal goal? This week, show us an achievement.

Weekly Photo Prompt: Descent

Photo Prompt: Descent—This week, show us your interpretation of descent.

You’ve seen this shot of a hot air balloon that has burst into flame and that is plummeting toward earth once before, but it is so perfect for this prompt that it is appearing for an encore performance. I guess I should mention that it was unmanned!DSC08029

Searching for a place to land on Candelabra Island, Peru.  I believe these are cormorants but I’m open to correction! One lonely pelican seems to have gotten in with the wrong crowd.DSCF1193

Peru Desert, descending to an oasis.DSCF1251

More Peru desertDSCF1264

Amazon Sunset.  Does the descent of the sun count?DSCF1721

During the rainy season, flying termites descend by the tens of thousands, entering houses  under sliding glass doors, through keyholes and hairline cracks.  They swirl around any light like dervish planets, then chew their wings off and worm their way into any vulnerable wood.  I think they mate somewhere along the way as well, or perhaps they chew their wings off in frustration over being those wallflowers left without a mate.  At any rate, I was dumb enough to leave my pool light on and the next morning awoke to find thousands of insects such as these, pinned upside down by their wings in the water.DSC06940

Those nimble few who had managed to chew their own wings off then stood on their detached wings or the wings of others as they helped them to chew their wings off.DSC06939

Once free of their wings, they either swam to safety, found spare wings to use as flotation devices or swam off to aid other termites held captive by their wings in a crucifix position.  It was both ghastly and fascinating and a huge cleanup operation!DSC06938

Another Candelabra Island, Peru descent.DSCF1151

Thousands of white pelicans winter on Lake Chapala, Mexico, where I live. These are a very few making a landing after their descent.DSC08786