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The Ups and Downs (Columns and Vertical Lines)

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Red Barn Roofs


I encountered these barns, including the one with the big hex sign, enroute from Morehouse, Missouri to Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Thanks to forgottenman, I was free to shoot pictures while he drove.  The second one is a bit unfocused.  He was probably speeding!

For the Month of Squares Challenge: Red Barn Roof

New Old Roof


The men have been busy for the last month repairing my domes, roof tiles and skylightdome.

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Here is the link for the roof challenge:

Rock around the “Ock”


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Locks, rocks, docks, clocks (tic tocks) and socks!!!

(Here are a couple of other “ock” posts.  Just pretend they are in black and white: )

For: cees-black-white-photo-challenge-words-that-end-in-ock/