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Bougainvillea and Cactus: Flower of the Day, May 6, 2016

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Bougainvilleas––Flower of the day Mar 16, 2016

The wild tumble of bougainvillea actually forms a wall in my friend’s open-walled house.  She lives about as outside as it is possible to live without actually living outside.  Later on this week, I’ll show you her house, studio and art.  I love the wildness of these intermixed vines, the shadows and the colors. Here’s another one for you, Cee.

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More Orange Bougainvilleas: Flower of the day

                                                   More Orange Bougainvilleas

Okay, more orange bougainvilleaS, but this time with the real flowers : (Click on photos to enlarge.)IMG_4690 IMG_4695 IMG_4692 IMG_4691 IMG_4693Each of those little coral pistil-looking rods is actually a flower bud getting ready to open.  Since my last bougainvilleas post, most of them have opened, giving the bougainvillieas a fluffier look!  I like both stages–sparse and frilly!  In Mexico, they are bugambilias and they have many namesakes: housing developments, shopping centers, movie theaters.

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