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Gotta Gotta Greenland!!!!

Gotta Gotta Greenland!!!!

This is a map of all the world—of countries near and far.
I look at it to calculate where all my readers are!
But oh, alas, for 18 months, that middle space was bare.
I saw that it was Greenland where no one seemed to care
one bit about my heartfelt posts.  It was exasperating!
I guess it’s all that ice and snow that keeps them hibernating.
So finally I wrote a poem expressing my distress.
and posted it upon my blog, this problem to address.
Still no one wrote until I found a blog from someone there—
a lovely Filipina lass who seems to really care.
As you can seen above, I now have 2 views from that Isle.
Because of Dani Henrikson who went that extra mile
to view my blog and answer from where she lives in Nuuk.
As you might guess, that really makes her tops within my book.
So if you have some time to spare, please do inspect her site.
For she deserves a helping hand for dealing with my plight. is where you’ll find her blog.
With luck, her viewer numbers will move further up a cog.
Her Greenland site is lovely.  You’ll find some big surprises.
As usual, reality exceeds our mere surmises!

Thanks, Dani, for giving me two views from Greenland!!!! Now I have to figure out which country to concentrate on next. Actually, I promise to give it a rest and let nature take its  course from here on out. No more recruitment!!!


Do You Know Someone from Greenland?


Do You Know Someone from Greenland?

Do you know someone from Greenland? Please write them if you do
and tell them that I need someone from Greenland who will view
my blog for me so I can get it lit up on my map;
for on my statistics page it leaves a shocking gap.
Italy is lit up and the rest of Europe, too.
Mexico and Canada and Poland and Peru.
(But not, I fear, Afghanistan or Chad or Katmandu.)

I have fans in India, in England and in China.
Readers in the States from Oregon to Carolina.
Africa, The Emirates, in Russia and Japan,
and even in Australia, I have one loyal fan.
But no one from that Island has ever viewed my blog.
It seems that my well-oiled machine is missing that one cog.
I know that Greenland’s icy—that it’s Iceland that is green,
and perhaps that oxymoron may make Greenlanders mean.
Yet I’d think in winter, when there is so much snow
the Internet’s the sort of place that they would want to go!!!
My blog may not be noted for being really hot,
and if they want X-Rated, my blog is not the spot.
But if you’ve friends in Greenland, please tell them this for me:
my blog may not be steamy, but it’s guaranteed frost-free!

(And while you are at it, please have them stop by Shawn Bird’s blog at She’s missing Greenland as well!)

The Prompt: Road Tripping—‘Tis the season for road trips — if time and money were out of the equation, what car-based adventure would you go on? (If you don’t or can’t drive, any land-based journey counts.) . . . I interpreted the prompt loosely this time, more as a road trip of the mind. After almost 18 months of blogging, I keep noticing that very big block of the world called Greenland that still sits blankly staring at me, resisting my blog. When Shawn wrote to me after reading my blog about statistics, (read it here) saying that she was waiting for a viewer from Greenland, I knew that was my cue. So although I doubt anyone from outside has ever taken a road trip there, if you’ve journeyed there by some other means, please drop a clue to any friends you may have who live there to take a mind trip to our blogs and shut us up!!!!