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The Bee Keeper


Carlos is still trying to get the bees out of my spare lot. I can’t hear them buzzing today so sounds like they have calmed down. Tomorrow we’ll discover whether they have accepted the new hive he’s trying to introduce them to so he can remove them to his land and away from mine so we can clear the lot. It’s been a loooong haul. He’s the third bee keeper we’ve called. Wanted to share this portrait I took of him.

A while ago I published a tribute to Jim Tipton, another beekeeper and fine poet. You can read that tribute here:

And, you can see Jim and read about his last book here:

Just One Sip (Cee’s Black and White Challenge)

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For Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Liquid Drinks, Hot or Cold.

One Word Photo Challenge: Candid

I love this shot. How could she look any happier with her day? There is obviously something up there that everybody’s a bit interested in, but strange that every person or group is looking in a different direction–but all up!  This is on a boat–a concert excursion that was a fundraiser to send a little girl to music camp in the States.  She got home today.  Can’t wait to hear how it went.



This candid shot was taken at an open mike.  I love the effect of the sun shining through the plastic wall behind him, creating a scrim effect  and revealing the lush growth outside.

IMG_6419 (1)

This little girl looks like she’s being held in a vise grip! Those letters spelling out “Chapala” near the pier make for a great photo opportunity.