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Orange Thursday: Flower of the Day, March 9

IMG_3472 (1).jpg

Flower of the Day – March 8, 2017 – Daffodil

African Tulip Tree: Flower of the Day, March 5, 2017:

IMG_1501 (1).jpg

Sighted these blooms on an African Tulip tree across the street from Martin’s Restaurant, where we conduct our weekly writers group. The roof had a piece of plastic tarp hanging down from it that flapped in the wind, obscuring this view.  I had to take a few to finally get this.  My favorite tree.  I had a yellow one in my yard that was blocking my last view of the lake so sadly I had to cut it down.

Last Leaf: Flower of the Day, Mar 4, 2017



There always has to be a last leaf.  I’m still up in the air about whether I want to be it or not.

Please click on this link for the full experience!

Cee’s Challenge:

Palm Fruiting Stem 2: Flower of the Day, Feb 23, 2017


Here the fruit is a bit more developed than in the photos from yesterday.  I think they look like fishing bobbers or bowling pins.



Painting with Flowers, Canna: Flower of the Day, Feb 20, 2017


This Canna macro furnished the paintbox for this distorted study.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.