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New Girl

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed this newest hibiscus in my family.  It’s planted in a spot I don’t often visit, by the gate between the outside kitchen entrance and the back yard.  When Pasiano left the gate open, letting the dogs into the kitty domain, I went to close it and discovered this somewhat splendiferous overblown beauty. It’s not what I would normally buy.  Now I’m curious about my state of mind when I succumbed to its gaudy flashiness.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day Prompt

Hibiscus, Sunday Finery: Flower of the Day Sept 17, 2017


For Cee’s Flower of the Day Prompt.

Hibiscus in Full Sun


The Spanish name for the hibiscus is “obelisco.”  Why this is, I do not know, unless it is because of the long stamen which is remotely obelisk-shaped. jdbphoto

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Dahlia: Flower of the Day, Aug 16, 2017



Just found this new bloom hiding out in the lower garden.  Thanks, Cee, for driving me out in search of a flower for the day!


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Hibiscus after Rain

Two bouts of heavy rain in the past two days have left my newest hibiscus rather waterlogged. I had to hold its head up to get one of these shots:

(Click on first photo to see larger views of all)



For Cee’s Flower Prompt.