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Morrie Enjoys the Flowers: Flower of the Day, June 13, 2017

Morrie eats the grass but just enjoys the flowers— especially when I loft his ball into them by mistake.

For Cee’s Flower Challenge.

Morrie at the Beach: Heaven Scent

Morrie at the Beach

Everywhere he wanders,
everywhere he goes
is a place to stick his
curious little nose.


Birds are drifting over,
hundreds at a time;
yet his nose is stuck in
something more sublime.

Aromas are his poetry, 
scents to him are words.
He has no time for looking
at these air-bound birds.

Even when they’re floating
nearby on the sea,
He only has time lately
for odors and for me!

What to many is simply a bad odor can be fascinating to others. I am so curious about what Morrie can detect as he sniffs everything on the beach!!

The Couch Potato’s Creed


The Couch Potato’s Creed

Though he who hesitates is lost,
impetuosity has its cost.
You should look before you leap,
because still waters might run deep.
Though early birds might get the worm,
rash actions trip up the infirm.

So all-in-all I think it’s better
if you aren’t a go-getter.
I guess the moral to this tale
is lest you lose or lest you flail,
you’re up against the proverbial wall.
It’s best you do nothing at all!

I’ve discovered an interesting fact about Morrie.  He frequently sleeps with his eyes wide open!  In the above photo, he’s on the sofa, but I snapped the below photos one morning when he had usurped my bed as well:


The boy knows how to make himself comfortable.

The prompt today was “hesitate.”

Cruising the Volcano

Cruising the Volcano

I have been so busy getting ready for my three-month move to the beach that I didn’t even consider that I’d be driving past Colima—one of the most active volcanoes in North America. I had read about the recent lava flow down the south side, the ash warnings with evacuation suggested in certain areas, and unusual activity in the months leading up to now, but my concentration today was mainly on Morrie, my surprise companion on this trip to La Manzanilla.

Long story short, my house sitter had to cancel on short notice. No house sitter—no one to live with Morrie and Diego. The result was that a friend took Diego while I brought Morrie to the beach with me. Other than his time in the animal hospital when he broke his leg two years ago and a handful of times someone let him slip out of the gate and he took off like a bat out of hell, this is only his second time away from his own yard as well as his first time away from Diego.

Today’s six-hour journey in the car must have been like a trip to a foreign planet to him. For hours, he seemed to be searching the surrounding world as we passed it by. I looked over at one point and Colima Volcano was sending up a huge balloon cloud behind him. It was a gorgeous shot. Unfortunately, there was no place to pull off and a big truck coming up fast behind. By the time I got to a pull-off spot, this is the view that presented itself:

img_1917 img_1916I barely noticed the volcano in the background as the towers dominated, and it had ceased venting.

Now, here is Morrie interspersed with the scenery we were passing. Luckily, Colima vented again a few times, but not nearly at the magnitude it had that first time I viewed it.

 Again, click on first photo to enlarge them all.

This late afternoon and evening, Morrie had his first introduction to the beach.  It is a tale in itself, but I need sleep right now more than you need a longer story; so, perhaps tomorrow I will tell it along with at least one other that had a surreal quality to it.

Morrie Gets a Pedicure, and Other Burnt Orange Delights.

Morrie Gets a Pedicure, and Other Burnt Orange Delights.

IMG_1279IMG_1284 Version 3IMG_9553Yes, I was surprised that Morrie took so well to being pampered with an on-site bath, blow-dry, grooming and pedicure.  (This enterprising young man has started a business where he comes to your house to groom and wash your dog. He seems to be popular as he was booked solid for a week.  Fortunately, he had an appointment with a dog a block away from me so although I’m 5 km. out of town, he just worked me in after his other appointment.) Morrie was a bit rank.  Hated to leave him with the house sitter in that condition. And yes, I was proud of the boy.  And yes, he immediately went down and rolled in the dirt and the grass.  A fella’s gotta have some pride, much as he seemed to enjoy the attention.

Bedtime in the Bodoga

 Bedtime in the Bodoga

Frida and Morrie both got new beds today, thanks to Morrie who ate Frida’s old one and has eaten two of his own as well as one of the cat’s beds.  He  leaves only his idol Diego’s bed alone and sleeps in it whenever he can get away with it, so I bought him one just like Diego’s. (It’s upside down for now with the plastic side up just in case he decides to have an “accident.”  (That’s not unknown to happen!) Once he’s a big boy, we’ll put the hot pink cloth side up. (Although it isn’t obvious in this picture, he does still have ears!)


Frida got a big pillow that isn’t even tacky.  First one I’ve found that isn’t obnoxious colors or plaid or some other horrid print. At first Frida was suspicious and wouldn’t sleep on or even put one paw on her bed, but as you can see, she is now giving it a chance:


Since Morrie is still being mean to her, Frida gets to continue sleeping in the main house.  She should have a few privileges of age.  We all should!  She now likes her new bed and I think it will be more hair-resistant than her old bed that seemed more like a hair-receiver than a bed.

Here’s Diego, in his same old bed that has made it through six months with Morrie:


The carpenter came today to measure for the shelves and storage bins for kibbles.  They’ll have aluminum liners so the mice can’t get in–or the dogs!!! And, they have their own tiny fridge for opened tins of wet dog food and fresh bones, which the vet tells me I have to freeze for two weeks before giving them to them.  Do you think the Taj Mahal got this much press when it was being built????

I tried removing the cages and just had their beds in the room, but they were so restless and that was when Morrie ate Frida’s bed, so I’ve put their beds back in cages and they seem much happier.  I haven’t been shutting Diego’s door and he hasn’t reminded me to do so.  He used to want it shut and locked.  Morrie has learned how to open his cage door.  Smart little trouble-maker!!! He’s even opened the side that has two locks instead of one.

I think I mentioned before that my friend Dan of Dan and Rhonda fame has dubbed the Doggie Domain with a new name:  The Bodoga.  (A bodega is a storage room so the bodoga is of course a storage spot for dogs!)

Let me know when you are sick of Doggie Domain (Bodoga) news.  I don’t seem to be able to stop myself.  I have a cool slide series showing the entire construction process but can’t figure out how to have the last pictures I want to add go on at the end and also I don’t know how to post a video or slides on WordPress.  I just now learned how to find the Shortlink and how to post on Thursday Doors! Does the learning curve ever flatten out?????

No Words!!! (The Morrie Saga)

No Words!!!! (The Morrie Saga)

One episode follows too quickly on the heels of another. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_1840IMG_1844IMG_1842 IMG_1843 IMG_1845 IMG_1846 IMG_1837

Yes, he opened the drawer.  Yes, he ate the drawer knob, and the TV antenna connection, and the books, and the crayons!!!  No, I didn’t ever think he could get a drawer open.

Yes, I have removed the drawers from the room now.  Yes, I feed this dog.  No, I can’t spend every moment with him.  Yes, at least he didn’t eat the second box of crayons.

Yes, he’s sleeping here beside me as I type this. Yes, his stomach is growling.

Some Scottie parents continue to underestimate their kids, in spite of what Marilyn and Garry tell them.

Too soon old, too late smart!!!

IMG_1850Yes, this is a new picture of Morrie looking guilty!  I should have known when he was in his cage when I entered the room and when he didn’t start clamoring to be let out of his room the minute I got home.  I need a theme song similar to Jaws to start playing when I enter my house!!!

Epilogue: What Did You Do, Morrie???

IMG_1542 Needed:  Innovative recycling ideas for 30 rolls of chewed up TP.  Extra points for artistic uses. (If you are new to this story, better have a look HERE first.)

IMG_1631 (1)Morrie, want to tell the folks what you did tonight?  Morrie?  Do you? IMG_1700Want to tell them why the sewing machine is out in the hall? IMG_1603Want to tell them why the drapes are tied up in a ball? IMG_1672Want to tell them what that is in your mouth,Morrie??? IMG_1696(Morrie looks a bit stunned at the prospect, or perhaps this is a look of uncomprehending innocence?  Tune in later for the rest of the story.)