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Add Water and Stir––Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge,2016/2/29

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A friend suggested I add this link for those who wonder about the story of me sitting in the surf in the chair.  Have a look at this link:

Another Mystery: Flower of the Day Feb. 29, 2016

At first I thought this was two different plants, a thunbergia twining through another.  But from the last picture, I can see that it is two different types of bloom on the same stem.  Does anyone know what this beautiful plant is?

Flower of the Day – February 29, 2016

Leapin’ Lizards



Iguanas, lizards, gekkos, turtles, toads and frogs and snakes
are not the things that we should fear in life, for goodness sakes.
These creatures in their own domains present no awful threat.
Just leave them where they are, for none were made to be a pet.

Our tame lives seek to steal the wildness from such natural things,
but wildness is not what curtailing wildness ever  brings.
We must learn to leap ourselves––by entering our lives
and breaking free from prisons–our cages, pens or hives––

to buzz the world around us and see what we can find
to release us from our lethargy and the ties that bind.
If you do not know the way, just go and find a child
and follow him or her to places where they keep the wild.

The beach or any sandpile may serve to be your clues
of how to color your own life with more vivid hues.
A thing as simple as wet sand can take a child to
places where you had forgot you could be taken to.

Castle moats or rivers, dams, mountain tops or caves
huge mansions that are sacrifices to that evening’s waves.
Our wild imaginations are where we all should go
to find a little wildness when our lives are slow.

Go find a dog to walk with if you need a pet
then take him out to some wild beach–and both of you, get wet!
Wildness is for doing, not for sitting on a shelf.
So free the creatures pining there and find some for yourself!

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Those baby sea turtles are being set free, not being collected. Happy Leap Year!!!
(If you want to know more about the release of the baby turtles, go HERE.)

This poem was written partially in response to this strange strange news from my home town that was sent to me by two friends yesterday. Read about it here:

It was also in response to the prompt “Leap,” in honor of this being the extra day in this leap year!

Painting with Photos: Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, 2016, Week 9


                                                              Painting with Photos

Sometimes when I have a photograph I really can’t use, either because of the subject or the aesthetics, I Just play around with the editing tools.  In this case, I came up with two abstract paintings gleaned from the plume and the gills of a roosterfish that a fisherman had left lying on the beach.

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 9

Packing Light


Packing Light

On a desert island, abandoned but alive,
with aids to my survival numbering only five,
I’d need a contraption to desalinate water.
Then a tent to sit under once the day got hotter.
But while I’m in the shade, a solar panel would be nice
to plug in my computer and also a device
to connect it to a satellite so I could Skype my friend
to send fast transportation to bring this to an end!

The Prompt––Five Items: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Last Open Mike of the Season at Palapa Joe’s

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Palapa Joe’s was pulsing with the heartbeat of its last open mike of the season last night as poets and musicians held  a jam-packed house in thrall.  It’s rare that a bar crowd stays quiet for 2 1/2 hours while entertainment is being staged, but that was the case as act after act wowed us.  Emcee Betty held it all together with her easy repartee and humor. (If you noticed that one of these photos doesn’t belong here, you caught me!  None of the photos of Ron Stock turned out, so I used one of him taken earlier in the day at our writer’s group. )

Cees Black and White Photo Challenge, Sepia


 This fish and the other objects in the first picture were found in exactly this position on the beach. I was fascinated by the beauty of the arrangement and the details of the fish that was not a fisherman’s catch but had obviously died either before or after it washed ashore.

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Wednesday Afternoon Music Circle

Wednesday Afternoon Music Circle

I was so lucky to be invited to the Wednesday Afternoon Music Circle at Yellow Bear’s place in La Manzanilla.  I am going to let the photos tell the story for once and will let those who recognize the participants add to the story if they wish, so if you recognize yourself or a friend, please identify the photos and if you were there, give a bit of information about the afternoon in comments.  I had a wonderful time!!!

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Flower of the Day Feb 27, 2016


Chenile Plant: Flower of the Day

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To see more flowers, go here:

The Prayer of the First Astronaut Poet (Rewrite)

Today’s prompt is: “You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?” My answer, as a writer, is that I would most miss an audience, which prompts the below poem.

 The Prayer of the First Astronaut Poet

There is no Wifi in space
and so I send my words
out into the universe
hoping that each syllable
will emit a ray
somehow connected
to all my other syllables,
and if quantum entanglement
is right, they will one day
find each other

(This is a rewrite of a poem I wrote to this prompt three years ago.)