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Lullaby and Good Night

I’m lying flat on my back in bed with my computer on my stomach between us, so couldn’t see this  little girl but could feel her using the space between my legs as a cradle. So comfy!!!! I held the phone up in the air over the open computer to catch this shot. She looks pretty comfy. No fear she’ll roll over in her sleep by mistake with my legs as a snug frame.

I actually do sing her lullabies to calm her down. Usually in the car. I sing one my dad used to sing full voice to his first grandchild. “Oh Cindy play the big bass drum, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM! Her (sic) say “I hope that the war won’t come, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM! Now I’m not frightened as you may understand, but if I’m called to fight for my land, I wanna be able to play in the band. BOOM,BOOM,BOOM!”

I sing it  with “Zoe” substituted for “Cindy” and VERY LOUD as he did to still her cries and it works with little girl dogs as it did with a little girl baby, but even though the windows are rolled up tight, I’m sure it can be heard from outside and I wonder what passersby are thinking. Sometimes I switch to “Rockabye Zoe up in the treetops” at a lower volume when I have to stop at lights.


Life with Brian

Shortly after I dealt with Annie’s disappearance, I heard a boy’s voice from inside my house. It was Oscar, Yolanda’s son, with Brian, his sister Yoli’s chihuahua, resplendent in a red sweater with hood with big three-dimensional eyeballs on top. Pablo, Yolanda’s husband, has kidney failure and is going to have to undergo periodic dialysis in his home. For this reason there can be no animals in the house and they have two dogs. Up until now they’ve just put them in the spare fenced yard next door, but it is of course heartbreaking so guess who Brian’s next designated master is?  (Yoli, Yolanda’s daughter named him after a hero of hers–a character in a movie about cars. We cannot figure out who this character is.) UPDATE: The dr. decided the emotional harm to Pablo in losing Brian outweighed the harm of having a dog in the house  (Even the dr. was crying when he saw how upset Pablo was) so with the new air cleaning machine I gave Pablo for Xmas and their promises that Brian would be confined to Yoli’s room, the dr. gave his permission for them to bring Brian home. Everyone so happy. Brian the happiest. I have a video of his reaction when he saw the family again.. I’ll show it as soon as I get the sound off.  Won’t tell you why.

So far he gets along fine with Kukla, the female outside cat and Morrie, the Scottie, but he’s scared of Diego who is not mean but overenthusiastic and I heard a loud few yips when Ollie, the male outside cat, came home. So, for now he goes in the front garden with the cats when I’m gone or when he needs air and I’ll leave the door to the backyard open a bit so he can slip through the bars if he wants to go play with Morrie, but so he can escape from Diego if he needs to.

As for Annie? She absolutely ignores him. Pretends she’s asleep. Keep them permanently confused. That’s the secret of my success with animals. Only problem is that Brian insists on lying on my lap while I’m at the computer which is not very comfortable. Where he will sleep? Well, that is to be seen.


These are a few photos of the first ten hours of life with Brian.


The way this works is, I sneak up on them when they are already lying down and preferably asleep.  Then, very quietly, so as not to disturb them, I whisper, “Play dead!” It works every time. If you click on any photo, they will all enlarge.

For the Halloween Challenge prompt “trick.”

Daily Menu

Daily Menu

Lately it’s incredible
how many products edible
I’m buying daily at the store.
There’s constantly a need for more.
One type for kittens two months old,
getting more hungry and more bold.

In the morning, when I enter in,
they climb my robe or climb my skin
thinking that perhaps they may
consume kitten tuna souffle
a second before all their peers
consume it. All four little dears,
meows now turning into roar
as though only four hours before
they had not had a late night meal
of special kitten rice and veal.

Then the old cat limps out to see
the special treat that’s brought by me.
Mixed with fish oil, sardine pate—
a king’s ransom three times a day.
She deigns to feed upon this fare,
eschewing edibles less rare.
The small dog with a skin condition
consumes his own special edition
dog food for his special state
I portion out upon his plate.

Just one more left—the old dog claws
the window with his muddy paws,
demanding edibles from me
both by his barks and what I see.
I provide a different dog food for
this anxious dog who mars my door.
The menu, as you see, is varied.
As cook and waitress, I am harried.
But breakfast done, I take a rest
to do the thing that I like best. 
The minute they are finished chewing,
I present their menu for your viewing!

Seven animals with 4 different diet demands make feeding time a big job–especially with the cat and kittens who need to be fed numerous times a day.  I’m off now to apply for a bank loan so I can go to the store with a wheelbarrow for today’s provisions. When days are full, hyperbole helps.


The prompt word today was edible.

Morrie Enjoys the Flowers: Flower of the Day, June 13, 2017

Morrie eats the grass but just enjoys the flowers— especially when I loft his ball into them by mistake.

For Cee’s Flower Challenge.

Jan Golik’s “Junk Art”


Every time I see these photos in thumbnail view in my photo file, I think, “Now whose dog is that?”  Then I enlarge them and realize they are two views of one of Jan Golik’s fabulous junk art dog portraits.  I believe this one is of her own dogs and it looks exactly like him.  Amazing.

Okay, now here they are in larger views:


The Couch Potato’s Creed


The Couch Potato’s Creed

Though he who hesitates is lost,
impetuosity has its cost.
You should look before you leap,
because still waters might run deep.
Though early birds might get the worm,
rash actions trip up the infirm.

So all-in-all I think it’s better
if you aren’t a go-getter.
I guess the moral to this tale
is lest you lose or lest you flail,
you’re up against the proverbial wall.
It’s best you do nothing at all!

I’ve discovered an interesting fact about Morrie.  He frequently sleeps with his eyes wide open!  In the above photo, he’s on the sofa, but I snapped the below photos one morning when he had usurped my bed as well:


The boy knows how to make himself comfortable.

The prompt today was “hesitate.”

midnight chocolate


midnight chocolate

just one crumb
of temptation

lying on yesterday’s
white floor

proof of last night’s sin
lapped up happily

by the
black dog



Temptation was the prompt word today.

Morrie Gets a Makeover

img_40532016 Model

2017 Model

Click on photos to enlarge

Personally, I prefer last year’s model.  This year’s looks too grown up.  But it will be good for the beach.  He looks like a square-jawed rabbit, doesn’t he?

Today’s prompt word was year.