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NaPoWriMo 2018, Day 3: “Explorers”



When the first man dipped his oar,
entering geographic lore
to journey out to some new shore,
he opened up a certain door
that has been open evermore—
that need for mankind to explore.

The current’s swell, the ocean’s roar
has entered into every pore
and permeated to the core
that man who is adventure’s whore.
Each journey craves a new encore.
Each return one leave-taking more.

When Viking wanderers of yore
set sail, their fortunes to restore,
and shield and sword to battle wore,

staying in place became a chore.
Mankind was meant to sail and soar.
The journey is what life is for.


For NaPoWiMo 2018, Day 3
The WordPress prompt word today is explore.