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Plumming Issues

Plumming Issues

Plumming Issues

My disgruntled spouse surveyed the plum,
squeezed it between palm and thumb,
saw that there were plenty more
in the tree that grew next door,
and though the crop was most abundant,
merely saw it as redundant.

There were no grapes for him to filch.
Bananas? It had proffered zilch.
No oranges or apples to
seed and peel and slice and chew.
No limes or lemons to produce
a glass of fresh-squeezed zesty juice.

It made him sad and rather glum
to see plum after purple plum
hung on the tree. Could I dispute
his  claim that we’d have to commute
to steal instead various fruit?
I felt his argument was moot.

One must make do with what might come.
The progeny of plum was plum.
If he required figs or berries,
peaches, kiwi fruit or cherries,
he’d have to head out to the store
or plant a a dozen trees or more.

He’d have to mulch and trim and spray,
water every other day,
and wait for years for fruit to grow,
but he was hungry now and so
he went outside and picked him some
plum after plum and plum and plum.

For NaPoWriMo 2023,Day 17

Fruitful Harvest

Click on photos to enlarge and read captions.

For CMMC Fruit prompt

Banana Harvest Time

After a year, my new crop of bananas was finally ripe and ready to be cut off the bunch. I ended up carrying  34 pounds of bananas  up to the house in two trips. This yielded 12 gallon bags full of sliced bananas to freeze for smoothies and banana bread.  That filled up a 16X8X11 inch space in my freezer. See proof of my labors below. Click on photos to enlarge and read captions. Forgottenman insisted you’d be interested in this. I had my reservations, but I usually comply with requests, so here is the proof of my day’s labors.


For Cee’s FOTD

Bananas for Bananas

Papaya and banana smoothie blended with bran, almonds, Psyllium, ground flax seed, chia, green apple soy milk and ice. I’ve had a variation of this smoothie every morning for at least 25 years.

Bananas for Bananas

The ubiquitous banana is long and smooth and yellow—
subtly curving inward, its flavor round and mellow.
In the jungle you can find it in a monkey’s hand,
but when you find it in the market, Chiquita is its brand.

The denizen of smoothies , or dipped in chocolate,
with a banana in your mouth, you will not talk a lot.
You’ll chew and you will savor, perchance to moan and drool.
If you don’t like bananas, you’re a culinary fool.

You can find one that is yellow and pick it from the bunch,
add berries and papaya and savor it for lunch,
but a real banana purist just picks one out and peels it,
then gobbles it up fast before somebody steals it!


This is the state of my banana tree. About time to pick the bunch and hang it up to wait for them to finish ripening.

The NaPoWriMo prompt today is to write about fruit.

Heart of Papaya: FOTD, Nov 14, 2018


I love this photo of the inside of a papaya I bought here in Sikeston, MO.  It was not only full of potential flowers, protected by a perfect star, but also gave a hint of the flowers to come in the dark outline of a flower that surrounded the star. Nature is incredible in its plans and artistry.


This is a photo of a real bloom from my papaya tree in Mexico.


FOTD – November 14, 2018 – Decorative Cabbage