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Forgottenman gave me a prompt tonight, just for the fun of it. and said he’d do it, also. The word he gave me was cul de sac, and here’s my poem, for what it’s worth. (It’s 1:34 a.m., I had 4 hours of sleep last night and I hope I’m about to get a better night’s sleep tonight.)



Stuck here in this cul-de-sac,
my mental skills are out of whack,
and I don’t seem to have the knack
for learning lessons as I look back.

I’m tortured as if on the rack.
My muscles wrench and joints all crack
my loosening bones go click clack clack.
With prospects dim, my soul is black.

Value in life is what I lack.
My life’s comprised of bric-a-brac.
I circle round and round the track,
until I’ve lost my will to quack.

The prompt word today is “trust.” It may not be obvious what this poem has to do with the prompt word today, but actually it has everything to do with trusting yourself and your own unique views of life and to resist “losing your quack” and settling back into being like everyone else.  The narrator of this poem is not me. It is only who I am determined not to become.

Since both the illustration and the shape of the poem are trees, I think it is also appropriate for Becca’s Sunday Tree Challenge.

Sunday Stills Challenge: White


Me? Sooooooo horny?

I swear.  The Sunday Stills prompt is Me sooooooo horny.”  Here are my tries at that theme.



This little fellow fellow fell onto my porch from the palapa ceiling. I brought him leaves and administered what artificial respiration I could, but he only survived the fall for 15 minutes or so. Burial was a sea. (Kidding, I wrapped him in leaves and left him to the elements.)


To me, this dark cloud looked like a longhorn steer.



I found this rhinoceros beetle on the top of my garden wall. He was so beautiful. If this isn’t a horny pic, I don’t know what is!

Okay, finished. I don’t feel horny any more!!!

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