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Crocheted Critter-Crazed!!

I’ve shown earlier crocheted animals and dolls that I’ve purchased from a young woman in the local street market who crochets them all from her own head–no patterns–and each is unique. I think they are fabulous and so moderately priced that I can’t resist. I’ve bought ten of them so far! I bought these three today and will give one to Yoli for school and keep the other two for friends who have babies or grandchildren. Unfortunately, Zoe got to them and had two on the floor. One was missing. I searched all over the house for it and finally found the doggie behind the bed with one ear missing!! A lengthy search turned up the ear. I’ll be able to sew it on again, but still. She is such a traviesa!!!!

I thought the one with legs holding school supplies was an octopus, but she insisted it was a dinosaur. Cute idea, though. All three of these together cost the equivalent of $37.11 U.S. Amazing.

Here is a link to most of the others I bought before:

Fruitful Harvest

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For CMMC Fruit prompt



She refused to remain the underdog, tethered to her stanchion.
She’d trade her present hovel for a stately mansion.
She’d update all her fashions and tone her waist and thighs,
exercise with vigor to decrease her zaftig size.
She’d become more vivacious, more up on all the news.
She’d practice stealth and cunning in interpreting the clues
of what it took to rise up in the elite scene,
responsive to what it might take to be a social queen.
But alas, it never happened, for to her great sorrow,
she kept putting self-improvement off until tomorrow.

Prompt words today are mansion, update, responsive, stealth,  vivacious and underdog.

A Weighty Oddity

For Sam’s “A New Kind of Challenge” Prompt he asks us to publish a photo of something odd in our house that weighs a lot. This life-sized lady sits in my front garden in front of my entrance door. I show her here with a couple of different lap “bouquets.”  I’ve shown a photo of her recently but she meets the criteria, so here she is again. Carved of solid cantera stone by a local artist, she is probably my heaviest unusual object other than my house itself. Will this do, Sam? If this doesn’t meet your criteria for oddness, I’ll try again.

Favorite Finds

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For the Favorite Finds Prompt



A silly argument at best,

and yet it would not come to rest.
They simply could not seem to cease
their debate on “isosceles.”
They could not bring to a fruition

discussion on its definition.

He said the answer had to be
that the triangle had three
even sides, while she said two,
and they wondered what to do
to resolve their worrisome plight
and  determine who was right.

In every other prior fight,
there was a book to set them right,
yet while spring cleaning, they’d packed up
every book and dish and cup
to maintain their purity
with absolute surety.

But both of them thought it was ruthless
to remain unschooled and truthless
on this subject math-related
they so hotly had debated.
So in the end, they thought they must
unpack the boxes and chance the dust.

They placed the boxes around the border
in some semblance of neat order,
opening one, then two and three
to try to solve the mystery,
kneeling there on bended knee
to try to find some verity.

When finally they found the truth,
to be two sides, ’twas sad, foresooth,
that in the end, they found the fight
still had not been set to right,
for neither would admit to be
the one who had insisted three!

Prompt words today are wonder, prior, cleaning, semblance, isosceles, argument and purity.

Mexican Petunias: FOTD Aug 30, 2022


The plant guide says “Plant with caution!” Wish I’d read this nineteen years ago when I first received starters of these from my friend. They have spread everywhere!!!!! The flowers don’t last that long, but the tall plants pop up everywhere.


For Cee’s FOTD


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It all started out innocently enough with my Skyping Forgottenman a photo of my feet along with a message that said, “Why do I like taking photos of feet so much?” He answered with “Yeah, me and a bunch of yer fam & friends have been talking about that. We’re planning a Zoom intervention.” I then sent him more feet photos and he sent me more feet photos I’d published here on my blog, and this is the result. How about it? Wanna show me your feet???