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Water Water Everywhere

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For Jez’s Prompt

Since I live on a mountain above the biggest lake in Mexico, water is a big part of my life. I have a pool and hot tub, so they are also reflected in the photos above. In the one of Morrie, I actually have a sequence that captured a drop of water dropping from his mouth back into the pool. You can see it in the photo. Several of the photos include we actually have four manifestations of water: pool, lake, rain and the drops from Morrie’s mouth!!!!



Water swirled around the old tree, oozing into the spaces between its trunk and loose bark  with borborygmous sucking sounds, ripping it bare. She clung to a giant limb just inches above the current. It was an old limb of the type they used to call a widowmaker back when they were an actual pair, lying in the shade on an old blanket pulled from the trunk of his car. She had been lithe and slim. He had been handsome and as wily as a fox. “Zorro,” she had called him, that first long afternoon when he had led her off into the forest for the first time.

Now, for what would probably be her last visit, she had a different companion—the hurricane named Esmerelda, raising the skirt of her water inch by inch as she came to join her. She could hear the cracking of the limb, bit by bit, as it registered the effect of her weight. Where was he? In some snug hotel room, storeys above the swirling water, with a less lethal female companion, no doubt. Only she was here, caught in the memory of them, clinging to that limb that was one syllable short of being appropriately named.

Prompt words today are widowmaker, wily, borborygmous, actual and pair.

Sunday Stills: Sculpting Water

I love what a duck does to the water that surrounds it.  According to their movements, they sculpt it, setting up patterns and movements that make a lake a giant canvas for ducks.  This duck paddled quickly all the way from one shore of the Guanajuato reservoir to to the other, hoping for a handout, no doubt.  Sadly, I had nothing for it, and look at the wonderful photos it gave to me!


The Story of Water: WordPress Photo Challenge, H2O

The Story of Water


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If I Were Water and You Were Air

The Prompt: For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H2O. What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms?

If I Were Water and You Were Air

I used to be restless water—
only the froth and currents
of a moving life.

Now I am still water,
sinking down to where
I can be found
by anyone willing to stand quietly
and look.

Is it true that moving water never freezes?
Is it true that still waters run deep?
Is it true that we are wed in steam?

“What if, caught by air,
it never lets me go?” I ask.

“But even water
turned to air
must fall at last,” you say.

“And what if I fall farther from you?”
I say. “Or what if I never again find banks
that open to contain me?”

I used to be swift flowing water.
Now I am a pool that sinks me deeper every year.
So deep, so deep I sink
that on its way to find me,
even air may lose its way.