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Jesus Lopez Vega’s Murals

Jesus just finished his murals on the outside of my friends’ house.  I took photos to send to them and decided to show you as well.  I think they are fabulous. He did most of the murals on the outside of my house as well. (Click on first photo to enlarge them all.) 

Musical Chairs

What can be more “Musical Chairs” than this horn-headed statute in the chair series by Alejandro Colunga? It can be found on the malecón in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and rarely is it unoccupied during daylight hours.


Art Hike

Some people walk the 500-mile Camino de Santiago trail in Spain, but in the heat and humidity, a few hours walking the dirt rock-strewn paths of the yearly Monte Sano Art Show in Huntsville, Alabama were penance enough for me.  For some reason, I took very few photos, but we saw some wonderful and whimsical sights, including the pieces and people shown below.

Hiking the Art Fair

Eenie meenie miney moe­­––

img_6144comfie shoes

and baby toe,

Grannies with their walking sticks,

little doggies giving licks.

Pigs to hang upon the wall
that are not really pigs at all.
mobiles made of spoons and kettles,
bottle caps and other metals,

As families start to walk away,
we also plan to end our day.

Version 3

Eyes grow sleepy,

hairdos frizz.
This is the kind of day it is.

But as we leave the heat and fuss,
tender moments go home with us.

The End

Home for a nice swim and then out to Thai.  Perfect day that began with a hike.

Today’s WordPress prompt was Hike.

Christine’s World


Christine’s World

Like many Canadians who winter in Mexico, Christine Gribbin has learned to seize the best of both worlds.  In Montreal, Quebec, she still maintains a busy life is the world of film and fashion, but when the cold winds blow, she retreats to the sleepy village of La Manzanilla 200 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta on the Jalisco coast.  There she resides in the charming upstairs casita of artist Carol Lopez and pursues her own interest in painting.

The influence of the cheerful and easy going life of her landlady and the village at large can be seen echoed in both her art and her countenance.  I’ve been meaning to share her world with you for some time, but unfortunately the laid back life of the beach seems to be lost a bit in the more complicated life of interior Mexico, not to mention my trip northwards.  But here, at last, is a peek into Christine’s Mexican environs and art.  If I had been able to capture a more rounded view of her life there, I would have also photographed her on the dance floor or on the beach, sipping tequila with the regulars at Daniel’s sunset tequila soiree, or listening to music at one of the beachside palapa restaurants; but these views of her aerie and her paintings are what I was able to capture.  I hope they will adequately portray this vivacious and talented lady.
(Please note that the sketch of the woman’s face on top of the fridge is by Christine, but the painting behind it  is by Carol Lopez. You can see photos of Carol’s studio here.)

Carol Lopez Studio Peek

Carol Lopez is a La Manzanilla resident who like many others spends the hottest months in Canada.  Since I have been as charmed by her house as her art, I have decided to share both with you.

If you click on the first photo, it will enlarge and reveal the caption, which will be the story to go along with the photos of Carol’s La Manzanilla world. Clicking on the arrow will take you to the next photograph.


Thanks for coming along with me on this studio peek. Another will soon follow that covers the upstairs casita of Carol’s house–and the other artist who lives there.

For more information about Carol, go HERE.