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This huge moth was plastered to the wall beside my front door.

Every year around this time, thousands of winged termites descend upon this region, land all around my house and in my pool, chew off their wings and go in search of wood. Here are a few of the piles of wings I found on the stairs to my garage and in front of every door, not to mention covering the surface of my pool.

Sunday Stills Challenge with the topic of #Wings.




Cosmic Self-Portrait


What is it? What can you see in it?
Before I tell you, I’d like to hear your ideas about what it is.

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Go HERE to see more clearly what it is I’ve photographed.

Nancy in Swing Time (Kammie’s Fun Foto Challenge, Jan 17, 2019)

Nancy is the four-year-old daughter of Ellie, who cleans the house I rent in Jan and Feb once a week.  She’s gone from shy to playful and teasing. She didn’t know I was watching for most of this little sequence.  I was in the hammock on the other side of the porch:

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 For Kammie’s Oddball Challenge.

Tree Trimmings, Dec. 16, 2018


I bought this little ornament in China in 1979. Its face is silk and the rest is hand knitted and assembled. Exquisite workmanship. I bought a box of 8 or 10 of these ornaments, each different. Many I’ve given away over the years, but I have at least three left. I had purchased other wonderful little silk beaded animals when I was in Hong Kong in 1968 and still have some of those as well. I’ll be showing an ornament a day until Christmas.

Family Night with Windup Toys, Dux and Cats

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My niece Cintra and great niece Stephanie, forgottenman (Dux), assorted cats and a box of windup toys made for a relaxed and hilarious evening in Eagan, Minnesota.  Tomorrow, back to Missouri.

A Walk Around Town

“I Spy with My Little Eye. . .”
(A Walk Around Town)

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For Jo’s Monday Walk