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Family Night with Windup Toys, Dux and Cats

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My niece Cintra and great niece Stephanie, forgottenman (Dux), assorted cats and a box of windup toys made for a relaxed and hilarious evening in Eagan, Minnesota.  Tomorrow, back to Missouri.

A Walk Around Town

“I Spy with My Little Eye. . .”
(A Walk Around Town)

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For Jo’s Monday Walk

Visited Places

Lots of places here.  To see their story, click on first photo to enlarge all and read the captions, then follow the arrows!!!

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:

Means of Transportation



From Giant Rubber Duckies and dolphins to drones. From big cars to toy trucks, boats to front-end loaders, horses to wings, everything in the world has a way to move itself around.

For the Wit’s End Challenge: Transportation.