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Finally, a Day in the Studio! Last on the Card, April 30, 2023

This is the last group of photos I took after Yolanda and I worked on the studio all day long to get art supplies inherited from my dear friend Gloria incorporated into my already-full studio.  It felt wonderful to be able to even get in the door again and the doggies ended up spending the night with me there, too. When I finally noticed what time it was it was 5 a.m.!!!!

I hate it that I made a huge mistake while editing photos. I saw a small version of several that looked like they were mistakes and omitted them.. only find out while i was editing the others that something was missing. When I tried to pull a brush out of the tall glass I had all of the brushed in the first photo in, it wouldn’t budge… nor would any of them! It turns out that the glass I put them into was full of glue.. don’t know how this happened… but all of them were imbedded firmly into it!  I finally got them pulled out en masse but had to cut off the ends of all of the handles to free them.  I took photos of them stuck in the glue and also as I was cutting them of with heavy-duty gardening shears.  So disappointed in my flub.

For Bushboy’s Last on the Card prompt

Multipurpose Wheels For CFFC

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For Cee’s CFFC:Wheels

Favorite Photos of 2022 for Lens Artists Challenge: Help!!!!

If I had to look back through all the photos I’ve taken this year, it would take hours, so I’ve chosen to present four of my favorites from this month. Help me decide which one to cut, please. This prompt limits me to three. I’m decisioned out so I’m relying on you to help me pick the best three.

favorite views from the past month. For:

Things I Make Use of Everyday for CFFC



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Two by Two for Cee’s Black and White Challenge, may 26, 2022

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For CBWC, Two of Anything

Water, Water Everywhere

For the Water Water Everywhere 123 prompt.