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More Rockslide Photos, Oct 5, 2021, San Juan Cosala Raquet Club

Like the slide 14 years ago, I was up all night last night. There was some presentiment, perhaps, as I heard the huge clap of thunder at 3:32 a.m. this morning and heard the deluge of rain, I was reminded of similar happenings 14 years ago when the last devastating landslde had occurred. I remained awake until 5 and the rain never stopped, finally turned off my light and fell asleep and slept until Paciano called me at 7 and said another tromba (waterspout) had occurred and that there was much damage down the two main roads of the Raquet Club. I got up and this is what I discovered:             (Click on photos to enlarge photos and read captions.)

To see a video, go here:

“O” To Be In The Middle!!!


For CMMC: Must have “o” in the middle of the word.

Keep on Moving!!!

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For the One Word Sunday prompt: Mobile, Mobil