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Favorite Photos of 2022 for Lens Artists Challenge: Help!!!!

If I had to look back through all the photos I’ve taken this year, it would take hours, so I’ve chosen to present four of my favorites from this month. Help me decide which one to cut, please. This prompt limits me to three. I’m decisioned out so I’m relying on you to help me pick the best three.

favorite views from the past month. For:

Things I Make Use of Everyday for CFFC



for CFFC

Two by Two for Cee’s Black and White Challenge, may 26, 2022

Please click on the photos to read captions. You might miss something!!!

For CBWC, Two of Anything

Water, Water Everywhere

For the Water Water Everywhere 123 prompt.

Comida Break at the Feria

Please click on photos to enlarge. This little cutie is worth it, and her table (er chair) manners are impeccable! I caught her during her lunch break at the Mini-Maestros del Arte market at the Lake Chapala Society earlier this week.


More Rockslide Photos, Oct 5, 2021, San Juan Cosala Raquet Club

Like the slide 14 years ago, I was up all night last night. There was some presentiment, perhaps, as I heard the huge clap of thunder at 3:32 a.m. this morning and heard the deluge of rain, I was reminded of similar happenings 14 years ago when the last devastating landslde had occurred. I remained awake until 5 and the rain never stopped, finally turned off my light and fell asleep and slept until Paciano called me at 7 and said another tromba (waterspout) had occurred and that there was much damage down the two main roads of the Raquet Club. I got up and this is what I discovered:             (Click on photos to enlarge photos and read captions.)

To see a video, go here:

“O” To Be In The Middle!!!


For CMMC: Must have “o” in the middle of the word.