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Inner and Outer: Thursday Doors, Oct 12, 2017

My sister’s beautiful and perfect house brought some surprises this trip.  The front door is being replaced, and in the meantime:

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For Thursday Doors.

Maddening Messes

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It will all come together.  Four days to go until my company comes!

The prompt today was “maddening.”  How appropriate.

Tile House: Thursday Doors Challenge

Entrance to the Tile House
Fraccionamiento La Floresta, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

IMG_9164.jpgIf you think this front door is wild, you should see the rest of the house! Although I was told  it was built by John Robert Powers who founded the Powers Modeling Agency, I later received this comment from Adriana Cornejo, who seems to know much more about the house than I do.  Thanks, Adriana. One of the things I like best about blogging is how much I’ve learned from comments expanding or pointing out misinformation in my blogs. Here is what Adriana says: 

Walter Thornton the owner (not John Robert Powers, who was his competitor) spent 30 years building this house. He bought the house when it was under construction and added many rooms through the years. He traveled to Guadalajara very often to buy tile and had it delivered to the house. Then he worked on the designs, his hands where always blistering from the cement. He employed 2 to 3 people at all times, all this while raising 6 kids. He wanted to build 6 bungalows, one for each kid, but he died before this could happen. The property has 3 bungalows. You can check his bio HERE.

IMG_9164 (1)

Look below at barbwit’s comment if you’d like to see another fantastic tile house in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dykstra-Brown, Tile House

The Lonely Haciendas of Mexico : Which Way 2015, Week 35

                                                  The Lonely Haciendas of Mexico

Although not obvious to the unschooled eye, the haciendas of Mexico are everywhere in my part of Jalisco.  Some are retained by the children of former owners who live in Guadalajara or farther away.  The descendants of families who have tended these haciendas for hundreds of years  still reside there with no money for maintenance and owners who forget their pay for months or even years at a time.  This, although sad for them, is fortunate for those of us who wish to witness the ruins of times gone by, for a few hundred pesos is a godsend to them and wins us admittance to see these aging ghosts.


IMG_0316IMG_0369IMG_0210 IMG_0305 IMG_0150 IMG_0199 IMG_0109 IMG_0116 IMG_0126 IMG_0160 IMG_0220 IMG_0216 (1) One of the haciendas depicted was purchased by a Canadian couple who donated it as a boy’s orphanage.  Another is a former horse-raising hacienda with all its original furniture, drapes, tackle and games room, complete with a horse racing game.  The hacienda in better repair was purchased by a Spanish company and is now a hotel.

All of these haciendas are within an hour’s drive from my home in San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico. Just one of the eight or so I’ve visited is still being used by the family to raise horses.  Formerly it contained a sugar refinery and the tall tower still remains.

I’ve chosen to abide by the theme “Which Way” and to show windows, doors and pathways.  Perhaps in the future I’ll show some of the interiors.

For more every which ways, go here:

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Houses

These are all pictures I took on an Amazon River trip in Peru a few years ago.

DSCF1761 DSCF1762 DSCF1766