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Floral Alphabet Challenge, The Letter “P,” Sept 29, 2022

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Perfectionist Poet

Perfectionist Poet

How I love an audience to witness my successes,
although I think much less of them when they witness my messes—
fingers marked by fountain pens, hair pulled into peaks
by those elusive phrases that my wild mind seeks.

Please don’t view me in the market when I don’t mean to be seen.
When I’ve had no time to arrange thoughts —no time to plot and preen.
There are certain safeguards  that I like to take
that are not in place yet when I’m barely awake.

So don’t observe me in the morning when I’m not in my full glory,
when my brain is tongue-tied and my thoughts are sparse and gory.
It’s my fervid wish to please, but morning thoughts are frugal.
My images are less like Frost and much more like Brueghal.

So, please come to my readings to see me at my best,
but avoid me in my daily life, please, at my behest.
I prefer you view me with every word in place
there upon the stage and with makeup on my face!!!


Prompt words today are audience, market, safeguard, fervid, glory, fountain pen, frugal. Image by John Tyson on Unsplash.


I couldn’t help reblogging this poem which uses a bird as the metaphor for the creative process. Yes, it has a simile in it, but the entire poem itself my mind becomes a wild bird.

For Muriopsis’s Scavenger Hunt “Looking at Names” prompt number 12, to use a bird as a metaphor.

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown


Here’s a smaller version so you can see the shape on a smaller device.  I’ve been working on this shape for seven hours.  Sheesh! how time flies.  I have versions of four different birds, but I think I like the duck best.


In case you are curious, here is another version of “Aimless.”  Same poem, different bird–a plumed exotic with its wings extended.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.29.02 PM

And, for those who haven’t had enought, here is the first view I did:

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 7.46.53 PM

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Jumpin’ Jupiter, Wordless Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022

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Photos of Jupiter in overcast skies from my pool, 2:30 AM, Sept 27, 2022, San Juan Cosala, Jalisco Mexico. Did anyone else observe it? Largest view we’ll have for the next 58 years. If you took photos, please send me a link in my comments. I had a hard time getting these as the clouds kept floating over and obscuring the skies. I stood in my pool for an hour or so trying to get decent shots. 

For Wordless Wednesday

The Letter “O” Floral Alphabet Challenge, Sept 28, 2022

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On the savannah or on my knee,
the difference is one of degree.
That resolution of feline will—
the stroke, the purr, the spring, the kill.

Only the size and prey may change—
the speed of spring, the chase’s range.
Stalking over rock or rill
or perched upon the window sill,

large or small or maned or not,
they are exactly as God has wrought.
Wild or domestic, the fact is that
simply put, a cat’s a cat.


For Sadje’s What Do You See Challenge #



No fall to earth, no plaintive cry.
No false regrets. No ending sigh.

No stab, no arrow and no shot.
All of these things were not her lot.

No accusation of who’s to blame.
No faulty party here to name.

Let mourners mourn if mourn they must,
reduce her body into dust.

They do it all to no avail,
She sees no tears. She hears no wail.

I fear your mourning goes too slow.
Only her body remains below,

for she departed long ago
to melt into that greater flow.

For her, all mortal customs cease,
so let her mourners rest in peace.

Prompts offered at this point are plaintive, accusation, stab,

Nasturtium: The Letter “N” Floral Alphabet Challenge, Sept 27, 2022

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An Amazing Ending to the Cat Intruder Story

A few days ago I published a story about a cat who showed up at my house, terrorized my other cats and attached itself to me like glue.  Under ordinary circumstances, I would have done what I’ve done with every other animal that has come to the house or attached itself to me on my walks. I would have adopted her. But, she wreaked utter pandemonium in my house. The other cats ran from her in spite of the fact that she was half their size. When she went into the backyard to perch herself on the ledge below the upper wall, the dogs went crazy, jumping up and barking. There was nothing I could do to remove her as she was behind a stand of dense banana and ficus trees and seemed to be enjoying teasing the dogs. I had to feed the other cats inside or they ran away when she approached and she ate all their food.

I tried confining her in a large carrier for hours, thinking she’d run away when I released her. Instead she wound herself around my legs and got in front of me, threatening to trip me up with ever step I took. All day and all night long, she went from outside door to window to door of my house crying, then climbed the screens to hang, beseeching.

This went on for two days until I discovered that Yolanda was open to taking her to her home, a mile and a half away down the mountain in San Juan Cosala, so I drove her there and heard no more for two days.  Then, today when Yolanda came to work, I asked her how the new cat was working out and she said very well, that he was living with her sister’s daughter. When I asked why, she remarked that Alejandra had come over to see her and immediately recognized as one of her own cats that had annoyed the neighbor and so he had taken him (I had been sure “he” was a “she”) with another cat up to the mountains and released them.

This was a long distance from her house, but just up the mountain from me, evidently, and somehow the cat found its way to my house and worked its wiles to eventually wind up back home again. Now how is that for a “The Cat Came Back” story????

In case you missed them before, here are my two other stories about the cat intruder.