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  1. lifelessons Post author

    Unfortunately, I’m not a tech. expert, but I think you’d go under dashboard–to theme and customize. It gives you options of fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. If you can’t find what you want, you could also change themes.Good luck. Hope this works. Dashboard is clear over to the left under My Sites and you usually have to actually open up your blog to get to it. If anyone else has more info on this, please help.–Judy


  2. susasilvermarie

    Judy, I recall your saying at the Writers Group (3 weeks ago?) that you thought you probably had some good photos of me at the mic sharing my butterfly poems. I have had no luck finding a contact link on yr site so I’ll ask you here if you might be able to email me the photos, ssilvermarieATgmail.com. If so, it would be much appreciated!
    Also, I’ve been wanting to comment on your Ojo article, “The World is Too Much With Us” ever since January. Though I myself don’t feel that I can be “too connected to too large a world,” I do know what you mean. I, also, feel that my writing “into a computer and sending my experience out into the world” sometimes subtracts from what might be deeper reflections addressed with a longer view to a smaller, more intimate world around me. As a lifelong poet, I find that sometimes my need to be heard conflicts with my need to sit with my experience for a more prolonged period of gestation before I birth the piece into the public world. Thank you for bringing this to my attention through your fine article!

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