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Some Little Bug Inside Me


I am too sick to write a blog, I am a party hangout
for some amoeba who moved in and promptly called his gang out.
They’re having quite a time in there, yet keep wanting to leave.
Each time I have to see them out, I stumble and I weave.
My stomach feels like shattered glass, my head is slightly pounding.
I think they’re doing Zumba—flip-flopping and rebounding
against my corridors of gut. I wish that they would stop.
I can’t make it to the clinic to consult a microbe cop.
Is it a parasite or fluke ( contracted from my cat?)
When she strokes and kisses them, what cat owner thinks of that?
For now, I’m resting in my bed with electrolytes and Flagyl.
I’ve cancelled my appointments, for I’m feeling sort of fragile.
The world will demonstrate without me, and friends go out to dine
while I hang out with tiny guests, miserable and supine.


I had this same bug a year ago, when I had to call off my 70th birthday celebration, much-planned for, because I was so miserable. So, these pesky amoebas seem to be maintaining a schedule.  Unfortunately, I had a full day of activities planned today, as well—first of all a demonstration against Trump’s immigration policies, then a visit to my doctor, a visit to an ill friend, and dinner with another friend.  All cancelled.  Ironic that I’m too ill to go see my doctor.  Here’s another little ode to amoebas I wrote during an earlier bout named “Once Upon a Lime in Mexico.”


Ragtag’s prompt today is fluke .

Wednesday with Yolanda and Yoli


Wednesday with Y & Y

I usually get in a good conversation with Yolanda when she is here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I haven’t spent time with her aside from those days when she’s here to clean since Christmas, when her family joined me for Christmas Eve.  I had noticed earlier that I’d overlooked her birthday on June 3, so when I asked her if she had any other jobs after she left my house on Wednesday and she said no, I asked if she’d like to go on a shopping trip with me to get a belated birthday present and then out for lunch and a good talk.  Happily, she said yes and we decided to ask her daughter Yoli, 6 years old, to go with us since she’s presently on school vacation.

Off we went to pick up Yoli in the village and then off to Walmart, where Yolanda decided she’d like a pair of shoes. I persuaded her to get a cooler pair that the first pair she picked, which looked pretty unappealing.  Yoli was next.  She picked out a ballerina Barbie, clad in her signature pink. She had no need for new shoes, since she already had on the coolest shoes I’ve every seen, complete with bunny ears and tail.

We were then off to the food court at the mall.  Yolanda and I had Trips famous burgers and fries, but Yoli had this rather overwhelming dish of Chinese food.  She ate all the noodles, which she called “Espagetti.”  The rest of the meal went home for her dad to consume, I imagine.

Fun day–away from the computer!  I love talking to Yolanda, who has known me long enough to know how to speak to me according to my limited Spanish vocabulary.  Yoli was much quieter than the last time I’d taken them out to dinner for a celebration.  On that occasion, she sang for most of the meal. When she ran out of songs she knew, she just made up new ones.  I’m sure I have photos of that occasion on my blog.  I’ll see if I can find a link.

The day before I’d planned a different spontaneous outing with my friend Glen.  I’ll tell you all about it in another post. (Yes, I’m trying hard to encourage myself to “step away from the computer!”)

Please click on the photos to enlarge them.

Reblog of Word Pie



Word Pie

I take them as a milestone, these long afternoon naps
that make my late nights possible by filling in the gaps
between compulsive writing sessions to meet the assignment
of all these daily prompt words coming to us by consignment!

Blogging’s become a nightmare that’s turned me slightly manic.
Prompts have me fully frustrated and in a mid-life panic.
(To be truthful, only “midlife” if one forty is my lifespan,
which, if I had my druthers, really would become my lifeplan!)

Prompts now come like a waterfall that’s turned on every morning.
I might have just ignored them if I’d only had a warning
that I’d become obsessive in using one and all.
(I have them in my bookmarks and must daily heed their call.)

That WordPress prompt now seems like poverty. One short month ago
we only had one daily prompt site where all of us would go.
Every day, we waited for it like the early morning sun,
but now we face a heat wave for there isn’t only one.

Ragtag and Fandango have become Daily Addictions—
not to mention other Word Prompts that demand our daily fictions.
Cee’s Share Your World still tempts us, as does that dVerse Poet.
We could have stuck to only them. Alas, we did not know it!

Now we are all scrambling to fill  all their demands.
It keeps our poor brains busy, not to mention how our hands
cramp up from all this typing as our lives all go awry
as we all line up to get each daily slice of prompt site pie!

(If you saw that I blogged this poem earlier today, I am aware of the fact! I am reblogging it to see if I can get the Weekly Prompts.Com link to work as it wouldn’t in the earlier post.

Plumeria: Flower of the Day, June 29, 2018


Went on a big photo safari this afternoon with my new camera.  Yay!  Get ready for lots of flower shots. The plumeria is still hanging in there in spite of all the wind and rain lately.  At one point it will be completely leafless as well as flowerless, but thriving now.  Luckily, I have a variety that is odorless I or would have had to have cut it down years ago. I passed under a tree in Chapala the other day and nearly passed out. I’m so allergic to their scent.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.

Share Your World, June 28, 2018


If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go? (remember this is SYW, they are friendly aliens)  Yes. I hope so. And hopefully, they would return me to earth again.

How tall are you? Are you satisfied with your height? 5’7″, down from 5’8″.  No, I’d like to be taller.  Mainly to balance my weight, but where would a seven foot tall woman fit in this world?

Do you think you could live without your smartphone (or other technology item) for 24 hours? Definitely.  I usually do as I forget to turn it on or take it with me.  I mainly use it as a router when my wifi router fails (daily, sometimes hourly.

Whether plugged into my charger or resting on my list,
it always seems my cell phone is the thing that I have missed.
When I get to where I’m going, I discover that I lack it,
for along with my shopping list, I fear I failed to pack it!

What made you smile this week? My friend Sandy brought my new  Canon camera back with her from the states!  I’d had it mailed to her there as packages take so long from the states to Mexico. No more fuzzy photos!  I hope.

Here is a link to a post I made making use of five different prompt words and with a mention of Share Your World as well.  Pingbacks seem not to work as I tried to link it to too many sites.  So learn by my mistakes. I won’t do that again!