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It’s Time!

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My mother always put up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but since my Thanksgiving plans were cancelled due to the illness of the hosts, I decided to spend a leisurely day tweaking the tree today. When I talked on the phone to my nieces today, they asked me to send photos so I decided this was the easiest way to do so.  Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Pre-Xmas!!!

Bah Humbug and the Sadly Mismatched Couple


Bah Humbug and the Sadly Mismatched Couple

Right after Thanksgiving, up the tree went.
She loved all the trimmings. She savored the scent!
The outside of the house was embellished with lights,
snowmen and angels and other delights.

Once she was done, she was charmed and elated—
the garlands all hung and the tree decorated.
Christmas delighted her, yet all the fuss
just prompted her husband to grumble and cuss.

The lights hurt his eyes. He bemoaned the excesses.
He skulked and he pouted. He spurned her caresses.
Just the sight of the tree made him nasty and surly,
and yet every year, she put it up early.

How this tale ends is hard to relate.
I fear that a split was their ultimate fate.
She found her a mate who was cheerful and newish
and he found a wife who was blessedly Jewish!


Prompt words today are decorated, skulk, nasty, surly and delighted.