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Rainy Weather

I think the rainy season has started with a vengeance.  Driving rain, lightning that lights up the entire sky, thunder that sounds like the end of the world and Mariah-like wind whistling in around the door cracks.  Frida has slunk in to be near enough to her mom for protection but just far enough away so I can’t easily reach her with the grooming brush.  And––that true indication––a leaky roof. As usual, it is around the skylight far up on the dome.  I had to move the couches and end tables and both the handmade paper spiral lamp you can see in the background and the handmade paper bowl I made are sopping wet.  That’s okay.. they were wet when I made them, so as long as they are undisturbed, they’ll dry out tomorrow.

The ceramic vase in the shape of a woman that my friend Julie made looks askance at the sodden paper bowl. The heart shaped rocks and other precious objects it was filled with sit drying out on the counter.  The rain pounds and abates, pounds and abates, but we are all safe, electricity is still on, Pasiano won’t have to water the plants tomorrow.  All’s right with the world.