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Music Makers: Odd Ball Challenge, May 21, 2017

Be it a mariachi’s guitar or a detail of my friend Larry’s guitar, I love the artistry of musical instruments. Then, I couldn’t resist adding photos of one of the guitars whose artistry I attempted to augment.



Please click on the first photo below to enlarge all photos and view as a slideshow.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: A or B

“B” is For:

(Click on first photo to enlarge all and see captions.)

For Cee’s A or B Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto: Big and Small

Click on first photo to enlarge all and read captions.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Big and Small

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Squint your eyes and look in the sky above the left palm tree in the photo above.  See the tiny branch sticking up from the top with a tinier knob on the end?  That’s a bird.  You can see it zoomed up to in the first photo of the mosaic of shots below, all of which depict the word “tiny” to various degrees.  If you click on the first one, you, too, can zoom in on them.

“Just Blowing Through,” Entrances and Doors, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


This is the entrance to/exit from my bedroom to the terrace.  Windy day. Curtain. A bit of color play. You’ll see the same photo with a very different presentation in my Daily Prompt posting today.

One: Photo a Week Challenge

The prompt this week was “One.”  Hope it didn’t mean to post just one!  These were the photos I could find that most gave me the feeling of solitude or “oneness.”  You can click on the first one to enlarge them all.